Mega Man X Virus Operation

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    Personal Hello We Need Designer Game and Sprites We Need Your Cobolation I Have Project Called Megaman X Virus Operation A Fangame Nois Has The Most Accurate Team Of People Who Are Faithful Be My Friend To Help My Project I Need Someone Reliable We Are In 10% Of The Project We Want To Overcome That More Need From People Who Help From Our Project So Sprites I Need 5 People Or 10 To Help Stages Levels Backgrounds And Objects, Items, Scenes, Inimingos, Mavericks And Others When You Login From Group Discord Link Voices Vao La Cima La Cima until the first publication what everyone is going to read even if I put the members spam I went without members and dimuniur more I learn a lesson we need to resolve more positive then in order that everything is resolved I am Eric Silva I am Designer Art I'm not Tao Professional More I do Concepts for My Project And I'm A Face Of The Idea So We Have Prototype And Seduce The Main Characters We Have Captures And Others We Are Slow Our Project We Want You to Advance My Project Then I Ask Your CobraƧao and Your Hulmity You Can Follow Facebook Twiiter Youtube #Megaman X Virus Youtube Operation Twitter Twitter eric_kaos7 of Facebook MegamanXvirus and Discord Group Go to this link https: // waiting for you to understand and that you help my team and my project thank you.

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