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  1. Kashis

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    "Samus, there are now no less than 10 SA-X onboard..." <-who remembers that and instantly becoming paranoid?

    Let's bring some of that to Starbound.

    What if you had to fight a copy or copies of yourself? I remember playing Metroid Fusion on the GBA and never forgot how scary it was to know there was something out there mimicking and hunting you. They would also be able to use any of the gear you currently have access to, but what their stats and they have is based on the current level of "evolution" they are.

    Let's say in Starbound you have item tiers or ranks. You, the player, has made a:

    Rank 1 combat knife
    Rank 2 semi automatic pistol
    Rank 3 particle disrupting sword
    Rank 4 railgun

    However, the "Mimic" is a Evolution level 2 so it only can use items up to Rank 2. So you can expect the Mimic to come at you with a gank or a gat when it's coming for dat ass.

    Of course, that would also mean that if the mimic is a level 4, you might just be sniped in the forehead by a well placed shot from a Railgun or sliced clean in half with a Particle Sword.

    It would interesting if these creatures could also fool any kind of biometric scanners, such as ones for locks on doors, in their attempt to destroy you. Lower ranked Mimics might not fool the sensors on that Gatling turret you set up out side your base because something about them just isn't quite right and get turned into pulp on sight, but higher ranked ones might be able to just slip on by as if they were you...because technically they are.

    Sounds like fun?

    I think it would be pretty awesome if you had to go out and fight these creatures for some kind of special item or reward. Plus the ever growing and unknown threat that there's creatures out there ever spawning and hatching plans to kill you might just keep players on their toes.

    Maybe there's just one of them, maybe there's a whole invasion force...
  2. ThRx

    ThRx Star Wrangler

    This is an awesome idea Kashis. Perhaps Level 4 Mimics could hack you bases defensive system and maybe cause a lockdown in attempt to trap you?
  3. Doctor Whooves

    Doctor Whooves Starship Captain

    It would need one hell of an AI if it were to correctly use all or some of your weapons. Though in general that would be a lot of fun and it should add a fair amount of challenge to the game.
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  4. Zenuel

    Zenuel Cosmic Narwhal

    I do absolutely love this idea, I recently found myself craving Fusion again and remember just that, the idea that there wasn't just one looking for you any more, I would absolutely love something similar to that, something that even the on board NPC's might react to "What are you talking about? You just asked me about a lock down drill.. you mean.."

    It would have to be a very rare event of course, but when it happens it could cause serious chaos~
  5. Vaidred

    Vaidred Phantasmal Quasar

    hmmm, seems interesting
  6. FlameCascade

    FlameCascade Subatomic Cosmonaut

    This idea seems great, though that may be because I've had a craving to play Fusion out of nostalgia lately.
  7. Kashis

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    Yep, that would be definitely be a possibility. Imagine the higher ranking Mimics being able to turn off sentry guns meant to protect your base or even reprogramming them to work against you, opening doors and disabling traps to allow a hoard to invade and temporarily jamming locks that would require your character time to fix. Imagine multiplayer and not being sure if the character you see walking to your base is your friend or one of them (until they try to attack you of course, then it'd be pretty obvious). They'd be a very serious threat.

    the lower ranking Mimics might have something that sets them apart from the normal player they mimic, maybe a different eye color or the inability to maintain their shape properly, but the higher ones would be perfect copies able to use any of the weapons you have access to (mind you they wouldn't have access to every weapon you can make or have but maybe a set number out of the total pool). one day a Mimic might try to slash at you with a sword or come at you with grenades.

    You just never know when or how.
  8. uigfnbxs

    uigfnbxs Big Damn Hero

    This would be nice on a lv. 100 world. Just an exact copy of you walking around repeating your every move and then some. Let's see Yrimir kill THAT :sneaky:
  9. Ecchiholic

    Ecchiholic Cosmic Narwhal

    This idea sounds awesome and creepy at the same time. I always liked it when you fought a shadow of yourself in games.

    I really like this Idea. Maybe the mimic could even convince your Npcs that you are the mimic, so that they attack you.
  10. ThRx

    ThRx Star Wrangler

    Perhaps Low level Mimics could try to attack you straight away clumsily instead of level 4 mimics attacking strategically and stealthily.
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  11. T-Bone Biggins

    T-Bone Biggins Phantasmal Quasar

    Hmm, maybe make it a plant that if you touch it it will copy your genome and quickly make a clone of you. That clone could begin getting items laying around or even make a few simple ones, and if ignored too long will become dangerous. Since this is a plant, lets call it the Imi-Tater.

    Yes that name is from Plants vs Zombies. Still sounds awesome, and I got a better idea for the monster contest so I'll let anyone have the Imi-Tater.
  12. Ghostar

    Ghostar Steakeater

    Tch, no less then 10 SA-X? I felt it unfair, they needed more then that to defeat me... On topic:

    Its a good idea but Mimic might no be the best word choice for it. Mimics in gaming terminology are normally a treasure chest or container of some kind that attack you. I think a better choice of words would be Doppelganger.
  13. Kashis

    Kashis Title Not Found

    Lol not when they were rolling around fully upgraded and you were all still gimped from the virus one was bad enough =P

    That may be the case for most but when I hear the word "mimic", I always think about the movie lol. Mimic though was never to be the official name, just the concept. Doppelganger would also fit but that's usually more of a paranormal thing.
  14. Sunew

    Sunew Aquatic Astronaut

    I wonder if this idea could be combined with the DNA mixing one? In that if you mix your DNA with enough creatures your turrets may not recognize you as human? Or even think the mimics are the real you since they have a higher percentage of human DNA than you.

    The origin of these mimics is that they were back up clones of you, made in case your attempts at DNA mixing went wrong or just clones in case you died just exploring a new planet. Just think of how many times the average person dies in a game and that would give the idea of how many clone/mimics there would be. Their motivation to attack you would be that they believe they are the originals and that you are just another clone. This cloud lead a battle royal between you and all the clones.
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  15. Ace of Spades

    Ace of Spades Aquatic Astronaut

    It would be nice if there was something similar to the Combine from the Half-life series, (to elaborate) soldiers/assassins who are controlled by a government power hunting all hostile creatures... and you.

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