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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Sinaku, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. Sinaku

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    I believe the devs asked recently for thoughts on difficulty, and I have some, as well as other thoughts.

    I'm up to the Military Testing Facility--more on that later--and while the visual diversity of mobs is nice, they all basically seem to act the same way. They either charge up, shoot at me, and then run back and forth through me while they die, or they charge at me, and then run back and forth through me until they die.
    I understand they are only really meant to be temporary obstacles and shouldn't be very annoying to fight, but they seem to lack actual variety in actions. I really don't want them to be difficult, per se, but I wouldn't mind a slight challenge now and then. Given the terrain generation monster size is probably best as it is, but I wouldn't mind seeing large monsters also.

    Now, the bosses--I enjoy the variety and that they aren't pushovers. It was really neat that the first one was a puzzle room, basically, rather than something you directly attack.

    But, the Shockhopper--my god, the Shockhopper. NOTHING in the game prepares you for this fight, either for the difficulty spike in offense and defense alone, nor the amount of item swapping needed to be done correctly and quickly to win. (The best strategies I've seen online require at least one or two weapons, a healing item, and the grappling hook, and some suggest multiple shields.) I know that there are going to be those out there who disagree and will tell me to keep trying and play better, but I honestly think he is overpowered. Nothing else in the game has killed me more than a couple times; I've died so many times against him I'm almost out of pixels, and my will to keep trying is almost gone.

    Please consider rebalancing this boss.
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  2. Joseph the wanderer

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    yep. I consider myself to be a VERY GOOD PLAYER. thats not just bragging I promise.
    that boss is the ONLY one that killed me. but not just once. REPEATEDLY!
    took like 20 tries to kill him alone.

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