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    Hello! I am new to this forum but a long time Stardew Valley addict. Right now I'm living in Spain as an au pair and am tasked with teaching a 4 year old English. Suddenly it occurred to me that hey if I used Stardew Valley (beta) in Spanish to learn Spanish (got that good good farming vocab) then maybe I could help her improve her English! I thought that the game would probably be too difficult and complicated for her. I mean she's four. She has trouble putting her socks on. And when we started out she mostly watched me while I played the first day of her new character. And day two on her own was rough. But by day 8 she was harvesting those parsnips like a pro and could navigate to the mines without my help. Her ability to learn a computer game that quickly when she'd never even USED A COMPUTER kind of blew my mind. I noticed though that some aspects of the game are holding her back. There are too many bushes and trees that cannot be removed and she runs into them and it takes her a long time to figure out she can't cut them down and to navigate around them. She really struggles with making sure the target hit tool (red square thing) is in the right space. I wish pressing x next to any door no matter where the mouse is would result in entering the door. I'm an adult and it took me like a whole season to figure out why I sometimes couldn't get into my own house.

    Anyways. I've edited save files before for random reasons and I thought "hmmm maybe I can just delete trees in the save file or something." Then quickly realized I would probably destroy everything trying to do this. So here I am. Is there anyone who will work with me and help me figure out how to make a stardew mod for children? I think small things like deleting trees should be easy and someone can just give me tips and I can do it myself. Larger things like making fishing absurdly easy or making monsters in the mines either easy to kill or so that they don't do actual damage... well... I know html and css... I'll probably break the game.

    I think this could be a really great mod for a lot of reasons. Most, if not all, of children's video games out there have goofy characters and boring storylines. Every educational video game I've shown this little girl has kept her attention for maybe an hour. Today we played for several and she scarfed down her dinner because "please can we just play one more day? I need to go to the seed store!" If made easier for children, Stardew could be a great tool to get kids to learn about how computers work, farming stuff, making decisions with money and visual memory for where things are on the map.

    tl;dr please help me make a mod to make stardew easier for little children!
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      I'm not sure what you mean by deleting trees, is it on the farm or in town? If you're talking about those bushes around town/forest, there's probably not much you can do about it unfortunately. You could try making paths around the town that would make it easier for her to navigate?

      As for making things easier, why don't you try CJB Cheats Menu ( It'll give her one hit kills in the mines and instant catches when fishing. UI Info Suite will also make the UI easier for her to understand ( Hope that helps ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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        Thank you so much!!!! I’ll check those out!! The paths are a good idea although they’ll be destroyed whenever someone walks over them. It’s the bushes in the forests off the farm. Like on the way to the wizards place (who she likes to visit a lot). I thought maybe there would be some easy change the number of bushes to zero or something. But I don’t really understand how it works. Thanks again for the response :)
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          Your best bet for the bushes would be to edit the map itself with Tiled. The wiki has info on how to do that, though I myself don't know how. Good luck!
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            Hey! I edited the Forest map for you, removing all of the bushes from Marnie's barn to the Hat Mouse area. I left the bushes on the other side of the river just in case you wanted them around for berry picking, or just because the kids might not use that part of the map often. All the trees and debris are still there. For a pre-existing save file you'll need to use Entoarox Framework's worldreset function to make the map update. It should show up just fine on its own in a new save. You can go directly to the content/maps folder and replace it there, or use xnbloader. Let me know if there are any other maps you would like edited!
            I didn't have much chance to test it, so please tell me if there are any issues :)

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