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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by sleepy123, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. sleepy123

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    Welcome to PERKS: A mod request brought to you by sleepy123, professional ideaguy and freelance scavenger.


    In Starbound, your character is as good as your gear is. You have no way to prove that your Floran commander, hardened through thousands of battles, is any different from the other Florans. This mod changes this by adding perks that you obtain depending on what you do during the game. This can be implemented little by little. As long as the mechanic is there for other modders to play with It can make a great difference.

    So, without delay, let me show you some...
    (X here means a number of your choice, its value can be modified into many or just one. You would need to work hard to get the perk, but it would be worth it!)

    Alchemist: unlocked by crafting X potions, stimpacks or bombs.
    Allows the player to craft more complex bombs and potions. Requires less materials to do so.
    Chef: unlocked by cook X meals (not just cooked meat).
    Get more effects per meal and unlock more complex recipes. Why would you be just an alchemist when you can be a Food alchemist?!
    Farmer: unlocked by farming X crops.
    50% chance of getting 2x crops per plant.
    Hunter: unlocked by killing X monsters with hunting weapons.
    50% chance of getting an extra meat/pelt drop.
    Craftsman: unlocked by crafting X items.
    All item recipes drop in costs, learn new recipes.
    Space wanderer: unlocked by spending X fuel.
    Reduced fuel costs.
    Explorer: unlocked by exploring X planets.
    Biome penalties affect you 25% less..
    Merchant: unlocked by buying and selling to other merchants.
    Better prices at everything.
    Dungeon crawler: unlocked by clearing X dungeons.
    Get extra loot and artifacts from dungeons.
    Space Raider: unlocked by killing X friendly NPCs from towns and villages.
    Get extra drops and artifacts from NPCs you kill.
    Miner: unlocked by getting X ores.
    Get 50% chance of 2x ore drops.
    Space colonizer: unlocked by having X colonists.
    Get more and better items from colonists.
    Galactic adventurer: unlocked by doing X quests.
    Get 2x rewards per quest.

    Simple enough, right? It would add some sense of character progression in a journey of self-discovery through the universe.


    what I think it's important here is not the jobs but the perk mechanic on its own. THE MODDING POTENTIAL OF THIS MOD IS AWESOME. Other mods could expand this greatly by adding crazy features like...

    Skill related perks with levels: Start as a slow runner, slow swimmer and terrible jumper and end up being Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps and... some random athlete who does this jumping thingy.
    Fight related perks: Archer, shooter, warrior or protector (shield guy), saving energy per hit or increasing % damage.
    Diet related perks: carnivorous, vegan, omnivorous, raw eater or cooked meal eater depending on the first 100 foods you consume.
    Biome survival perk: Due to 10000000 hours spent playing starbound on the poisonous swamp biome, your character becomes immune to the poison status (or at least resists it more than other players)
    Nightwalker perk: since you have spent so much time underground without light, you can still examine items and ores in the dark.
  2. The | Suit

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    The problem with idea guys is not knowing what is possible and what isn't possible with modding.
    I suggest quitting idea guy profession and just learn modding - its much easier in the long run.


    Alchemist \ chef \ etc - There is no simple way to track how much an item is made - that is part of the vanilla game.
    The way which it can be done is by creating a unique object which modifies a player value - which then keeps global tracking.

    Then have that object read back that player value.
    The down side is it won't work with vanillia object manufacturing. So it just wouldn't work with vanilla crafting.

    Farmer - same concept as above. You would essentially have to recreate new crops - or create a 2ndary intermediate drop which has its own loot table. Which of course wouldn't work with custom farm items.

    Loot tables are randomized - and not affected by anything else.
    You would be constantly running a script on the player to search for chests then add in items on the fly. Which would be resource intensive with little gain. Of course again this wouldn't work with custom items.

    Merchant wouldn't work at all - since you can't change prices.

    Miner - similar issue as farming - would require an intermediary.

    Galactic Adventurer - there is no way to track how many quests completed. So you would need to add a reward to each quest which "tracks" completions. This of course wouldn't work with custom quests - it would also require an overhaul of all quests.
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  3. sleepy123

    sleepy123 Big Damn Hero

    I have zero expectations, so I just post this rant and hope some bored modder finds this useful.

    But seriously, if I had enough time I'd do it myself. I remember some modder did implement similar features years ago with some success. Too bad his mod doesn't work now.
  4. The | Suit

    The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

    I suggest trying to learn either way. It is easy to do and not time consuming.
    Most modders only spend maybe 30 minutes a week making mods.
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  5. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

    An hour every now and then goes a long way. Alternatively, rather then spending time playing a game, devote that time to modding instead.

    We all have ideas, so "idea guys" are mostly useless. The best way to see them to fruition is to make them yourself. Plus, the act of modding is fun on its own too. We are always here to answer questions and help you along, but I know I am usually not going to spend my time on someone's idea. A few exceptions to small quick things or ones from people I already work with.
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