[Modding] Ability to segregate more assets per-gender

Discussion in 'Other' started by Fibriel Solaer, Feb 17, 2020.

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    At current, Starbound supports gender-segregating some assets, such as:
    • Body
    • Head
    • Initial clothing choices
    • Hairstyles
    • "Facial hair" styles
    • "Facial masks"
    • Character select image
    • "Hurt" SFX
    • Name generation
    • maybe some other stuff
    This is despite the fact many races do not actually segregate all of these by gender. For instance, Avian's "facial hair" (fluff) and "facial mask" (beak) are the same for both genders.

    However, the following assets are uniform across both genders and can't be segregated:
    • Arms
    • Facial emotes
    • Color palettes
    • maybe some other stuff
    The best way to render eyes on a race would be to do it through the emotes. If you draw them right on the head like vanilla does, the hair / facial hair / facial mask will mess it up because they all draw over the eyes, and emotes need to draw over the head-eyes anyway. However, unlike the head sprites, emotes are unigender, so both sexes must be equally adorable, such that you can hardly tell them apart except that the one's got boobs.

    There may also be some custom races based on lizards or birds that wish to lock color palettes to one sex or the other, or races in general that want to have different body types but can't because they have to line up with the same arm graphics (requiring them to make two separate races entirely, one for each sex...)

    It'd be nice if Starbound gave modders the option to override these per-gender as with all of the assets in the first list. If overriding is not done, Starbound should process the assets from their normal locations in the JSON as it does currently, and thus should not need to change its current behavior or add any new assets (even duplicates).

    This would permit substantially more quality and variation in the visuals of custom races... and in the SolaerSalon mod I'm working on to make the very outdated vanilla player graphics look better... >_>

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