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    Having seen similar things asked for repeatedly in various modding discussions, I think it would be very useful for those adding new species to Starbound, especially non-humanoid races, if we could add additional equipment and tech slots.

    Equipment/clothing slots
    To allow this to work properly, a modder would have to specify the position of the item type on the character's sprite, and tell the game in which order to render equipment (to handle overlaps), probably using a list (in a first-listed, first-rendered order). To let the player actually use this functionality, the modder would then also have to add a visual representation of the slot into the inventory, but stuff like that can already be done. Additional functionality, such as movement type (none, sprite animation, rotating) would be helpful but not necessary. It'd allow modders to add a bit of cultural flair to their species if they could create new clothing types. Separate shoes and pants would probably be among the first things to be modded in if this functionality was created.

    Tech slots
    To allow this to work properly, a modder would have to be able to specify additional keybinding actions. Apart from that, not much would really need to be added. Those of us who want mainly to build would find such functionality incredibly useful, since mobility-enhancing techs are key when building, but having only three can be very limiting.

    Additional benefits
    Allowing extra tech slots would actually allow players to add additional usable limbs to their species simply by creating a new keybinding action (well, probably two, since it's probably a pair of limbs), and telling whatever script is attached to the limb to work when it detects that keybinding action, which can already be done. So adding this functionality would be a major step forward for species modding. Moreover, moddable equipment slots would immediately allow modders to add clothing that makes sense for such races.
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