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  1. Minakie

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    Currently I have 36 mods installed in my game. And that's after I tested several others as well and figured I didn't need them after all. For me, there are two types of mods I go after: little cheats (calendar anywhere sort of cheats, not almighty farming tool sort of cheat, that's just OP haha) and mods I wish were in the base game to begin with.

    So today I'd like to share with you the list of mods I wish in the future didn't need to be mods anymore, 'cause I really hope these or similar features can be implemented in the vanilla game some day.

    • Chest Label System - A way for us to be able to name our chests things like "Animals", "Crops", "Equipment", "Food", "Furniture", etc.
    • Enemy Health Bars - I'd like this to maybe be an option in the settings menu, where we could just turn enemy health bars on/off ('cause maybe some people actually prefer the mobs with no health bars?)
    • Fuit Trees With Signs - Little signs to identify the fruit trees
    • Horse Whistle - I'd like to see something like this implemented in game, with an actual whistle (ocarina, anyone?), with its own horse summoning animation and sound effect, and we see the horse actually running in our direction instead of just magically teleporting in our face
    • Loved Labels - Something to tell you which of your animals you have or haven't interacted with
    • Show Item Sell Price - Very very useful, words cannot describe xD
    • Museum Rearranger - An option to move around the artifacts we already donated to the museum, without having to donate a new one
    • Simple Crop Label - A way for us to know exactly which seeds we have planted (very useful, especially for those random seeds you find when digging up soil)
    • Taxes Mod - The only mod that (for some unknown reason) I couldn't get to work in my game. Still, I like that concept. The only thing I'd change is the value, I'd rather it was an increasing amount based on the number of buildings you have, your sales income or both (sorta like The Sims bill system?). Paying 500g per day on the first day seems a bit high, my first days were used more to explore the game than to make money, so I'd start the game with 500g, lose them on the first night and then go bankrupt and not be able to pay the taxes for the next days xD
    Other things I'd like to see, among other many things, include a bowl of actual food for the pets (why are the poor things running on water?), the ability to have both a cat and a dog and a system to increase the fridge size when you upgrade your house size. A bathroom in the final house upgrade, with proper furniture would be nice too. And on the furniture note, those kids rooms could also use some toys as well. Even just decorations can make a huge difference. Flowerpots where you can plant your own flowers (maybe the wild ones we pick up randomly?) also seem like a nice idea. More furniture of any kind is always welcome I guess xD

    What about you guys? What mods do you wish were not really mods and actual vanilla game features?
    • LuthienNightwolf

      LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

      I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but the configurable timespeed mod. I use it, I love it, I wish it was part of the actual game.
      • ssokolow

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        I'd like all of those except the taxes mod and possibly the enemy health bars.

        In fact, I don't normally mod my game for fear of instability but, if I were forced to pay taxes, I'd stop updating (GOG user here) until I found a mod to remove it again. It detracts from SDV being a leisurely escape from reality.
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        • deukahng

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          The bathroom mod that adds a changing room is soooo useful. It's silly to have to run all the way down to the wizard and then pay cash for every change. Why is there a penalty system for appearance? Or at least when we pay to change, let us keep the old outfits instead of replacing them. Plus, it would eliminate the otherwise useless bathhouse. Yes I know Penny's cutscene is there, but the time wasted to get there, slow walk into the water, and wait for energy to fill takes hours. Most people I've asked just never use it.

          I'm curious about anyone's opinions on adjusting the fishing mechanic. CA says he likes it just the way it is and doesn't plan on changing it. Myself, it is a pretty steep learning curve but once you level up enough even the legendaries are manageable.

          It'd also be cool to buy potions from the wizard. Stuff that offers perks like certain meals do, or maybe in place of some things offered by the dwarf.
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          The biggest issue I've heard about this game is time balance. In the beginning you never have enough time to get anything done, always rushing home before you faint. In endgame, I wind up going to bed early because I run out of stuff to do. Adjustable day duration would be awesome.
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          • LuthienNightwolf

            LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

            Yeah, having *too* much time is something I'm kinda dealing with now. My time configuration is set to 10 in-game minutes every 30 seconds, which has been pretty much perfect up until the last couple seasons. I had intended to pile on more farm chores by getting more livestock but I haven't quite got the population up where I want it yet so I'm always finished by 9 or 10am. Run a few town errands, hit the beach to check crabpots, hit the secret woods, and then I'm done for the day and I can either kill time with fishing or mining, or go to bed REALLY early. I usually pick mining though, since you come out of there with so much stuff that can be sold. I think in my next play-through I'm going to plant a LOT more crops, and have a lot of animals, just to give myself more to do on the farm.
            • deukahng

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              I just started year 3 in my current playthrough, and did a major farm overhaul. Much more organized, almost triple the amount of crops as I'm used to. Just trying to challenge myself as much as possible, since I'm more or less done with all the achievements. If your current farm isn't laid out too crazy, there's no reason you can't do it in your current play. :3 I got like 3 barns and 3 coops, I've moved everything all around, who cares lol. Mix it up!
              • LuthienNightwolf

                LuthienNightwolf Oxygen Tank

                I've pretty much got my farm layout where I want it, but I have Advize's farm expansion so I use the secondary farm for livestock, and it's basically one giant pasture broken up into yards for various animals. I have two cow barns, one for goats, one for sheep, one for pigs, one plot has a garden in it now, and one is for slimes. I had thought my animals would start having babies quicker but so far nothing, so I might just have to buy a few to fill the barns up. I'm in Fall year 5 and only plan to finish this year up, so I don't have much longer to work with anyhow. I may go get more cows though, they seem to be the most lucrative.
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                • Minakie

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                  For appearance I just use the Get Dressed mod. I create my char with the game's basic looks, get in game, go to the dresser and change into the final appearance I want to have (I used to have most of the mod's options available on char creation, but that changed for me, maybe because of some other mod).
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