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    I initially wanted to suggest Terraria characters (along with a terraria planet), but it had to be something monstrous. As such, Terraria itself is the monster.

    The story:
    After years of battle, the terrarians lost; corruption took over the entire planet. Everything boiled down into chaos; monsters of the corruption could do as they pleased, terrarians abandoned their home planet. There was nothing left of Terraria, but an enormous hunk of darkness.

    Then, something extraordinary happened. Terraria was special. You see, each terrarian had the wildest dreams, ambitions, and a burning passion to explore and make even the worst of places something they could call home (I used to build livable houses in hell). No matter how bad the environment and how high the risks, terrarians always saw things through to the end.

    And upon being stepped on by a terrarian, their dreams, ambitions... Just a tiny spark of it all, would rub off on the block.

    Then corruption took over, and terrarians fled. The planet itself came to riot.

    Driven by the terrarians that once walked over them, blocks came to life and united, forming colossal beasts. They now had only one goal: destroy every single living creature that dares roam the planet, until one day the terrarians might return.

    The gameplay:
    As you explore planets, you will eventually stumble upon a gloomy, dark planet. Those who have played terraria will find it familiar. It's entirely corrupted, and there's nothing on the planet.

    As you move on, suddenly, the ground below you trembles and pushes you back. An enormous chunk of the ground take the shape of a humanoid, and starts talking. Sadly, this is in a foreign language. Despite many similarities, the creature realizes you're not a terrarian, and starts attacking you.

    The attacks:
    - Kicks
    - Slamming their forearm(s) down on the ground. If this hits, the player is buried alive, as the monster turns itself back to lifeless blocks.
    - Throwing sand and dirt at the player (think of terraria's staff of dirt and sand gun, but a lot larger).
    - Standing up straight and dropping forward, turning lifeless as it hits the ground.
    - Attacks based on the blocks the creature is made of. For instance, even an abandoned house can come to life. If it has a furnace, it can spout fire at players.


    It's not much, but it's the best I managed to create using Terraria (please don't mind the fact that the scene is not corrupt, I got really frustrated with all the corruption creatures and decided to do this just outside the corruption, where far less creatures spawned).

    You reach an abandoned house that seems to have loot in it.

    However, upon approaching it, the house turns out to be the head and torso of an enormous creature.

    More images are hopefully to come soon.

    Thank you for reading my suggestion!
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    First of all, welcome to the forum Nerfed! Enjoy your stay here, we have cookiesX3
    But in all seriousness, this is an absolutely amazing suggestion, something I NEVER in my WILDEST DREAMS would have thought up! :rofl:
    Since I do make it a habit of mine to rate suggestion threads I come across, I'll do so now. Your suggestion thread gets a 9/10 for being well-thought out and intelligent, despite being a bit short. It will, however, raise to a 10/10 once you add pictures, because in my opinion, unless the suggestion is written by the likes of Tiy himself, then it is not perfect unless it has picturesX3 So, yeah, look forward to seeing aforementioned pictures and raising your suggestion rating to a 10/10! ;)
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    Thank you for your reply Rainbow, I hope many think the same.

    I'm working on some creative way to add (an) illustration(s), which will hopefully be worth the wait.

    Edit: Added images.
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    Okay, that image is just absolutely awesome. :3 I hope more people decide to click on this, because at first, I thought it was something TOTALLY Different. You should try advertising around in the IRC, just don't overdo itX3

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