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Monster sounds back?

  1. Monster sounds! I like shrieking, 6-legged chickens!

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  2. Bleh. I'd rather see then quiet.

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  1. Feathery Quink

    Feathery Quink Title Not Found

    Hey, I have noticed there aren't any monster sounds -- no screech, hiss, roar. I kind of liked that more than the silent, hi-tech beasts. A combination of the current AI and the old and/or new monster sounds would be better.
    If they are ever planned to come back, well, slap me with a cod.
    Remember this?
    Did they cancel sounds because there were not enough?

    Anyways, I would like to have monster voices back.X3:poptop:
  2. kruleworld

    kruleworld Poptop Tamer

    I'm certain they were in the game at enraged koala and now i only get a POP sound for every monster.
  3. RainDreamer

    RainDreamer Existential Complex

    The old sounds were horrible. I want the monsters to have sounds too, but please not that bloody scream for every single thing. Need more diverse sounds. For now the arcade-y pop sounds serves well enough as a warning.
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  4. SeaJay

    SeaJay Space Kumquat

    Monster sounds would be great, but no more ear-splitting screams please.
  5. Feathery Quink

    Feathery Quink Title Not Found

    Yes, that is what I mean.
  6. LostSeeker

    LostSeeker Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I agree that the monsters making their given roaring, screeching, howling sounds for just about everything can get annoying, yet they sound less lively without them now.

    Instead of take em out altogether, why not rework at what times they make the sounds? Here's something I thought up.

    • Monsters will still do the "pop" noise when spotting anything that aggroes them.
    • The only time they will do the original aggro noise from the koala patches is when they do a major attack (charge at you, fire breath, etc.). So when you hear the thing start to roar, howl, or screech aggressively, you might want to move.
    • When wounded by small attacks, they will make the noise normally made when doing the ability "triple jump" (might no longer be in game).
    • The only time they will do the main injured "screaming bloody murder" sound is when they take a massive amount of damage relative to their max health. This'll keep em quiet for the most part when on fire and such, but you'll definitely hear pain when one eats a rocket to the face.
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  7. Feathery Quink

    Feathery Quink Title Not Found

    Perhaps a passive, every 15-25 second interval, soft noise... ambience?[DOUBLEPOST=1431039496][/DOUBLEPOST]This could also diversify into passive birds singing while perched, nocturnal monsters hooting as they stroll about...
    Then entirely silent, stealth/camo ones for surprise attacks.
  8. LostSeeker

    LostSeeker Subatomic Cosmonaut

    A longer limit on the monster sound when idle might be preferable, yet other players may actually use that to detect the presence of certain monsters they hear yet can't see. Maybe give the ability to change this interval in the game settings? If going on that path, maybe we could put in a game option to toy with the intervals of all onster sounds, or just mute em altogether?

    As for the flying monsters, I've never heard ANYTHING out of em, even during the koala patches (aside from Mario fireballs and dark plasma shots they spit out going boom), but Chucklefish might change that in the future.

    Edit: typo fixed.
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