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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by NRanvier13, Jul 3, 2020.

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    ok so ive got an extensive modlist (like 800 items) and i keep getting this exception at startup. Attache is my error log If anyone can help me either identify the mod in question or how to make sense of the crash log in general too. I see where it tells you the cause of the crash but i cant figure out which mod the error belngs to and with over 800 mods its difficult to pinpoint where the problem is coming from and so i dont know how to fix it..also i do see the duplicate items its just from a flag mod that adds flags on flagpoles an the other is latger flag as a wall decoration. But both mod creators just used the counties name to name each flag so that i understand but the actual error that is ausing the game to crash is relted to "gianttentacleyokat" whatever that is. Also i was gonna attach a list of my subribed mods but i cant find one that i can compress or copy/ paste into a notepad doc. Let me know the best method for doing that if its need to troubleshoot, althugh the log id finish loading all my mod subs before it shut down so they are listed there but its by steam's wierd number identification so its basicly useless unless you take the time to lookup the numbers using steam or google and with 800 f them its impossible so if nyone can help me out i really appriceate it.

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    There are a couple of errors I found.
    1. The country flags mod is having duplicate item issues
    2. The FFS mod(s) are having errors with duplicate assets
    3. The Avali compact locker (mod?) is generating errors
    4. The WolFen FLCN-11 Gunship: United Systems Edition mod is generating patching errors
    5. The Improved turrets mod is generating patching errors
    6. Frackin' Universe is generating patching errors
    7. Penguin Piracy Reborn is generating patching errors
    8. That one monster you mentioned is also generating errors
    9. Small Improvements 1.4 Edition mod is generating patching errors

    Those are the errors I could Identify. I have also have 3 questions.
    • Did you install all the mods before trying to run Starbound?
    • Can you release a collection/list of all the mods through steam or even just a regular text document?
    • Has Starbound worked with all these mods installed?
    As well, fracking universe tends to be unstable with a lot of mods due to its enormous amount of content.

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