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Do you agree with this kind of features?

  1. Hell yeah! I agree with this.

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  2. I agree, but with some changes.

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  1. rylasasin

    rylasasin Cosmic Narwhal

    Carrying a few ideas over from my (IDEA POOL) Crew Overhaul thread:

    1. Sail gets a new "Crew Management" Feature. Currently it only lets you fire crewmembers, but here it would have several new icons. Outfit, Loadout, and Ability. Outfit changes the outfit (both armor and cosmetic slots), Loadout gives them weapons (two sets of weapons. IE one two handed weapon and a one handed weapon/shield combo, OR dual-weilded pistols and a rocket launcher, or a capture pod in one set and a weapon(s) in the other.)
    2. Icons for crew members following you: Rather than having to hunt down crew members and force them to stay (which they end up not doing a lot of the time), when you have crews follow you, an icon appears below yours (similar to how party members work in multiplayer, but noticably different.) You can then click on this to issue commands (Stay here, relax here, move to position, back to ship, get in vehicle, get out of vehicle, etc).
    3. Choose what class you want your crewmember to be when you recruit them instead of leaving it to a complete dicethrow or having to resort to things like crew contracts, job offers, or NPCSpawner ++, when an NPC joins your crew you're given a choice of 3-9 classes for them to take, giving you more freedom to choose what you want/need.
    4. "Self" Recruit (SP Only): The ability to recruit other versions of yourself at the outpost. For ballance reasons you can only have 1-3 of such crewmembers at the same time.
    5. Off-duty jobs: don't conjest the teleporter or follow the player around like a lost dog when told to wait on the ship. Instead they spread out and do related jobs.
    6. Crew Band: If you play an instrument and there's crewmembers nearby, they'll pull out their instrument and play along too.
    7. Crew Carpool: If you use a vehicle, crew members will attempt to fill seats in the vehicle. If they cannot, they'll summon one identical to the one you're using.
    Crew Class Changes:

    - Chemist: Remove subtypes. Which chem is used is determined through the class icon. By default this is random, but you can assign it to others, including "random" or "custom" (IE something you made in FU).
    On Ship change: No longer injects you with chems out of the blue, but instead gives you random stims.
    Traveling Benefit: Same as default, but more often and injects all crew members not just you. Throws bombs and chemical beakers in combat.
    Weapon Types: Bombs, Beakers, chemical squirt gun

    - Engineer: Too similar to the Mechanic.
    On Ship change: He'll randomly invent things. OR through the class icon you can activate a workbench that will let you deconstruct items (similar to the "Universal Uncrafter" mod).
    Also, he will tinker with random crafting stations to increase their efficiency. By this I mean that they'll randomly refund certain components when crafting items. Further tinkerings will increase this chance. Beware though, removing the station will reset it.
    Traveling Benefit: Comes with a walker mech by default. During combat he'll attempt to use it if he's not restricted by ceiling space. OR is constantly accompanied by a powerful drone that acts like a pet and assists him during combat.
    Weapon Types: Magnaorb

    - Janitor: Currently completely useless.
    On Ship change: He'll randomly find items on the ship. Bits of ore, bits of creatures that somehow managed to latch on to the ship, etc.
    Traveling Benefit: All crew members will glow. When you mine, you will randomly acquire two ores or blocks instead of just 1 (%1 chance per block, 4% chance per ore).
    (survival mode only) If you die while on planet, The janitor will recover a portion of it.
    Weapon Types: Daggers, Pistols

    - Mechanic:
    On Ship: Same as default. But also randomly generates auto-cores.
    Also, will tinker with random workbenches, giving them a chance to randomly produce two items instead of one when you craft something with them. . Further tinkerings will increase this chance. Beware though, removing the station will reset it.
    Traveling Benefit: Gives vehicles that you and your crew possess a sort of "repair-regeneration", repairing vehicles when they're not in use.
    Weapon Types: Daggers, Pistols

    - Medic: Not much to change here.
    On Ship: No change.
    Traveling Benefit: Regen is automatic for all crew members after they fall below 50% health. Otherwise no real changes.
    Weapon Types: Daggers, Pistols

    - Outlaw: Quartermaster: Too similar to the soldier. Also, why would you keep an "outlaw" on your ship?
    On Ship: Is your crew's quatermaster. Using the class icon will open up a trade menu.
    Traveling Benefit:
    Weapon Types: Any (default shortsword and shotgun)

    - Soldier:
    On Ship: By default however comes with better gear than most other NPCs.
    On top of this, when on ship he will randomly upgrade his (and the other crew member's) gear. Note this only applies to crew members with default gear.
    Traveling Benefit: Crew members 25% deal more damage to enemies. Soldiers deal 100% more damage than other crew members.
    Weapon Types: Broadswords, Hammers, Spears, Heavy Weapons, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers

    - Tailor:
    On Ship: Current job will be the "default" suit. Using him will only change people wearing the default vanity (social) clothing, and not their underarmors or anyone with customized social armors. Will randomly supply you with leather, string, woven fabric, canvas, or synthetic materials. Will also sell clothes (See below)
    Off Ship: If you interact or scan NPCs, the Tailor will then sell whatever they were wearing back on the ship. They have to be with you for this to happen though.
    Weapon Types: Whip (default), pistol, dagger.

    New Crew Types:

    - Chef:
    On Ship: Will randomly give you a meal when on ship. Can purchase meals from him.
    Traveling Benefit: Anything he kills will yield meat, bacon, fish, or alien tentacles. Enemies are more likely to drop these things when killed by you or your other crew members.
    Weapon Types: Butcher Knife, Hunting Bow.

    - Bard:
    On Ship: Will randomly play music.
    Traveling Benefit: Better prices with merchants of all kinds. Certain enemies that would be normally hostile may ignore you.

    - Wizard: Only NPC that cannot use weapons or vehicles.
    On Ship: Casts random spells on player and crewmembers. (somewhat like the Chemist)
    Off Ship: Attacks with spells. Summons monsters, uses staffs, causes frenzy on certain enemies, causes certain enemies to flee in terror, etc. If the player uses a hovercar, they will summon a flying monster and ride that. If the player is riding a mech on a planet, they'll summon a small ridable monster.
    Weapon Types: Staffs, Spells.
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  2. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    I agree with some of these. Especially the first two and the last three. If you don't mind I will add those to mine. How's that?
  3. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    Okay! I have update it, guys! Come and see if you're agree or not. Don't forget, your help will always be counted, especially the help to get these ideas heard by the devs and to make it really happens.

    Anyway, I think this suggestion thread is no longer in its correct place. Cause it talks about not only NPC, but other things too. If the moderators want to move this thread, you guys can move it.
  4. harimauputih

    harimauputih Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    damn, back then when starbound was more like a baby phase, alpha ver. beta ver. the developers pretty much active with community discussing this and that sharing story adventures oh how I missed it so much. yeah I know I know they're busy with their new games but come on chucklefish don't be like that.
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