More collonist quests. and faster quests

Discussion in 'Side Quests' started by General Nuclear, Feb 10, 2018.

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    so i am starting to get mighty tired of the collonists fetchs quests and i want something new anything at all.

    Like say something easy like paint their walls, water their plants, feed their pet, have a small race to a statue or furniture item, get me a item (that you most likely already have.)
    Because anything new is better then the same old 'Hey could walk to the other side of this planet over and over again down to the bottom of this dungeon over and over again'. I AM SO FREAKING TIRED OF ONLY GETTING THAT.

    Wouldn't have been so bad if it was only ones in a while but when its almost only that i get then it gets on my nerves.

    or that hey could you plant this seed for me and (random food item) for me.

    how about something new easy quest for a change thats not hey can you pass me this note.

    like say
    Hey since your a traveler Could you help me get one furniture item from that (insert race here) dosen't matter what it is as long as its something that (insert race here) would use because i am such a fan of their culture.
    (Not to be comfused with the museums quest for a >Specific item from that race<. which i still mean should have had fossils gathering missions and a bigger museum at the end.)


    hey could you help me get up some defenses here by placing down a turret for me (because i am sick of finding house only to see people living there getting killed all the time) moving her with any ways of defending my self was a bad idea.
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    I agree, there has to be some variety in these quests. I´m only playing since December but Im still tired of those escort quests across dangerous planets I can only complete by setting up teleportation points beforehand or else the NPC would commit suicide by using whatever it can on our way back. The food and item quests are just handing it in because I usually haul around about everything I ever found or quickly going back to the ship and grabbing it.
    Though from what I´ve learned so far Starbound seems to suffer a lot from scope creep so we shouldn´t have high hopes.

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