RELEASED More Crops, Unofficial Continuation

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    So much thanks
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      Hi, so I download the Content and Mods folder and paste the Content files in their spot. But the Mods file only has a config file in it. Also i get a "ObjectInformation.xnb file seems to be broken or outdated" message. Please help me install this.

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      • MysticTempest

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        You need to download the updated version found on page 6(direct link here):

        That will get rid of your outdated errors. Also, the Mods folder only containing the 'config.json' is intentional. The users are supposed to ensure they have the SMAPI dependencies of this mod before installing. As, the config file is supplemental data for the ShopExpander mod you download.

        Your log shows you already have the SMAPI parts; so once you grab the new download & properly place the files. You'll be good to go.
        • anmol_am

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          Wow, Thank You so much for your help!
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            I looked through some of the posts related to this mod but not all of them (both from this thread and the original thread).

            I'm wondering if this mod adds cooking recipes that use the new crops? It looked like it was mentioned in the original thread by Killerbotto but I couldn't find any like screen shots or descriptions of them... Does anyone know?

            Thank you!!
            • MysticTempest

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              No. They were apparently working on it, but never got around to implementing any cooking recipes into the MoreCrops mod.
              • TheDeadOne

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                Im having problems trying to find these mod items, i know one of those is peanuts, but the rest i have no idea what they are or where to find/buy them. stardew.png
                • MysticTempest

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                  Hey TheDeadOne, I took a look at the files, and here's what each one is; along with how to acquire them.

                  Top to bottom:
                  Bacon: ID #811
                  (In-game it's bacon; but the data is bugged, & showing the wrong sprite. I'll see about fixing this.)
                  [EDIT: 02-17-18. Has been fixed.]
                  Buy the sapling from Pierre's when it's sunny, you're married, and it's any year past 1.

                  Onion: ID #864
                  Buy the seeds from Pierre's when it's raining, and it's any year past 1.

                  Lime: ID #861
                  Buy the sapling from Pierre's when it's any year greater than 2, your house is Max size, and you're married.

                  Peanut: ID #879
                  Buy the seeds from Pierre's when it's any year greater than 2, your house is Max size, you're married, and it's fall.
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                  • TheDeadOne

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                    That explains why i could never find the onion seeds, thanks for helping me.
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                    • MysticTempest

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                      Just a small update, but I went ahead and added a Content Pack version of this mod for Pathoschild's Content Patcher mod. It's an alternative to the XNB version; so use either one, but not both.
                      See bottom of this post(same post as the other updates) here for info & download:

                      Also, for those curious;(as is the rest of this mod) the included tilesheets are based off of the XNB versions. Only the sprites of the original Stardew Valley assets were deleted, & their locations on the tilesheet blacked out.
                      The reason for that is, while I'm only using the MoreCrops sprites; including a full tilesheet is an easier reference point for those making compatible mods, etc.
                      05-01-18 Multiplayer Beta:

                      In preparation for the new update. Please start deleting the following items and crop from your saves:

                      Copper Seeds
                      Iron Seeds
                      Gold Seeds
                      Coal Seeds
                      Iridium Seeds
                      Copper Sapling
                      Iron Sapling

                      Carrot crops
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                      • hwayunhae

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                        MysticTempest, if I get a chance I'll take a look at the tilesheets for the three mods (yours, this one, and the large crop related mod) and see if I can merge them together like I did for 1.1x, though doing the coding might take longer as I'm also trying to update/finish some of the ALL related mods I was working on before RL drew me away from the forums last year.

                        At the very least, I can probably swing making sure all the items are in game, though players might have to use CJB Item spawner to use at least one mod's worth of the crops unless I feel an OCD level compulsion to edit the shop expander config.
                        • MysticTempest

                          MysticTempest Ketchup Robot

                          Thanks for the offer Hwayunhae, and welcome back!
                          But, I've actually already updated this mod, and my own Tea mod.

                          I just haven't really advertised it yet, as this mod still requires updates to E. Framework & ShopExpander for casual play. The alternative, as you mentioned would be to have players spawn in seeds/saplings with CJB Item Spawner.

                          Both mods are now content packs for Pathoschild's Content Patcher mod. So, if you end up helping the other crop mod authors with updating; it should be a little easier for you to ensure compatibility.
                          But, I made sure to include a lot of room in my own Tea mod so it's compatible by default now.

                          Though feel free to help test out this mod some more. I only moved a few items in this mod update.
                          And, it looks good from what I tested, but I don't actually use this mod in personal playthroughs.
                          I just help ensure it's kept up to date, unofficially.
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                          • hwayunhae

                            hwayunhae Big Damn Hero

                            Honestly, that saves me a lot of work, as I just remembered (five minutes ago) that I've replaced this computer since last year and all of the files I never got around to uploading are gone forever (along with my save game where I was this close to marrying Sebastian.. T.T ). So I'm going to have to start coding the ALL mods I was playtesting again from scratch. FML

                            Thank you as ever for all your hard work keeping this and your tea mod up to date. :D
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                            • MysticTempest

                              MysticTempest Ketchup Robot

                              Oh man, sorry to hear that. I've certainly been there in the past for mods with other games: I know how it is.
                              Good luck on recreating all of your old files!

                              And, yea no prob! ^-^
                              • Trxnks

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                              • MysticTempest

                                MysticTempest Ketchup Robot

                                Looks like you downloaded the older version. The most up to date, albeit unofficial, version is found here:

                                I'd recommend restoring the original XNB data, and switching to the new Content Pack version. But, for now at least: I still have a copy of the XNB version linked in the original post under the spoiler(though it'll likely be removed when v1.3 is officially out).

                                Specifically, for v1.2 (Use either one, but not both at the same time.)
                                XNB: MoreCropsUnofficial
                                • ADD_Booknerd

                                  ADD_Booknerd Star Wrangler

                                  Hi, does this mod conflict with any others? Also could I please have a link?
                                  • MysticTempest

                                    MysticTempest Ketchup Robot

                                    Conflicts depend on the version of the game, and the other mods you're using. With v1.2.33; yes; there might be. As, a lot of us modders added items right after the in-game items left off. So, there's a few compatibility packs out there.

                                    If you're in the Beta; there likely won't be any conflicts. At least: I haven't seen any that should, yet. Most of the other mods I've seen updated are texture overrides, or maps; not crop/item related.

                                    The unofficial updates are here:
                                    I'm not sure which game version you have; so check out that post. And, download & install according to any notes/installation steps over there.
                                    • Fruitful_Rogue

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                                      So this mod will essentially not work as it should until Shop Expander is updated?
                                      • MysticTempest

                                        MysticTempest Ketchup Robot

                                        The only part broken right now is the ability to buy new seeds/saplings in the Beta version of the game. That requires Entoarox Framework & Shop Expander which haven't been updated for the Beta yet.
                                        You can use CJB Item Spawner as temporary workaround to spawn in new seeds/saplings.

                                        Or you can forego both those mods, and just continue playing with whatever seeds/saplings you currently have in your save. As the data is up to date.

                                        And, if you're still on v1.2.33; then there's no issues.

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