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Discussion in 'Mods' started by apiooo, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. apiooo

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    Hi all,

    I've posted a couple of times on the forum in the last couple of weeks asking for modding help, thanks very much again to those that have responded.

    This time though I have broad question about the possibility of making the NPC dialogue a bit more dynamic, to match the events happening in the rest of the game.

    Namely, is it possible (i.e. not hardcoded into the game in such a way that no mod could change it) to change the parameters that govern the NPC Dialogue files? For example, currently you can change the dialogue based on the day, season, year, the NPC in question's heart level, and the in-law status of the farmer (Mon, Mon8, Mon8_inlaw_Penny, etc.). There may be a couple of others, but these are the only ones I've seen used.

    That's fine for your discussions with the NPC in question, whereby after their X heart event where something important takes place, you can have them reference this in future dialogue by using the heart level criteria after the day value. However, if another NPC is present during that heart event, and you want them to also make reference to this once it has taken place, I'm don't think this is currently possible.

    What I'm thinking is an additional parameter, similar to the "inlaw" one, that comes after the day/season/year, and denotes that the dialogue in question will only trigger if another NPC's heart level has been met. E.g. For dialogue with Caroline this might be "Mon6_Abigail4" - which will only trigger when you have reached four hearts with Abigail. Equally, as every event has an ID, perhaps a trigger where the dialogue only takes place after that event ID has completed.

    I'm going to go digging around in the game files later to see what I can find, but thought I'd ask the community quickly to see if I'm barking up an impossible tree!

    • Feathered Sparks

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      I don't know much about modding, but I've got to believe that this is possible because there's an example of it in vanilla where Demetrius references Maru's 6-heart event after you've reached that level with her. Sorry I can't help more than that ^^;
      • Oxyligen

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        You can use the f parameter also for different names in the xnb.
        • RTGOAT

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          Check out my mod Longevity.

          My next module to implement is called Dynamic NPC Dialogue (DNPCD).
          It will be a content mod to expand on the game's content in-depth as done with Dynamic NPC Clothing (DNPCC).

          You can stop by the team discord channel to follow and/or participate in the development of DNPCD.

          In short, it will do much of what you're asking as opposed to just adding more random dialogue.

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