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    Monsters don't seem to do much, so more for monsters
    • Bestiary: its probably been said before but i'm going to say it again, also please include the planetary location of the monster making it easier to find the monster
    • Monster Breeding: breeding superior monsters then those found in the wild, this could be done by collecting the DNA of monsters and mixing compatible ones to make new monsters
    • Monster Evolution: possible way to further a monster by placing the new species of monster on a random planet then, possibly, time warping the planet. This could cause a complete change in the planets biomes, trees, caves, etc. this includes the monsters the made species could die out or breed and take over the planets populace. Capture the species and work from there
    • Monster Items: I don't know if this is already a thing, but this could include armor, weapons, and tech
    • Monster Coliseum: as simple as it sounds, a place to battle monsters for prizes, these prizes could include better DNA for monsters to further the evolution of your pet monster or just a new monster
    • Useful Pets: to me it seems that pets will be there to help kill stuff, boring. I would love to see pets that glowed for a light source, a pet that could store stuff like a chest when your have to much, or a pet that that healed you. Things like this would be grand
    • Monster Parts: The randomly generated monsters is pure awesome but I would like it there are so many parts that you would have to travel to a hundred different solar systems to find one similarity between two monsters and another hundred to see one more
    • Multiple Pets: i don't know if you can already get more then one pet but i would like it if you could
    • Monster Resurrection: take DNA from the fossils and bring back unique ancient monsters, even ancient ancestors to already unique monsters like Poptop
    • Pet Level System: I don't know if this is already a thing but it would bring more to the pets
    • Last Note: it may change but please rethink the whole 2 aggro and 1 docile walking monster during the day, it gets boring
    Please post other great ideas to bring more for monsters/pets
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    Seems like a pretty good idea. Maybe set if they stay in an area and wander, or if they attack specific players, npcs or monsters.

    Make your own guards!

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