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    I thought it will be cool if you have more interactions, sometimes your partner ask you something but you cant answer. The Only thing is you just can kiss her/him.

    Here some of my wishes:

    - Go Hand in Hand through the Valley maybe other People react to this.

    - More Ask & Answers, something like "You had a Hard Day let me Massage you" "Yes or No?"
    "tell me when you want to sleep" "Now, Later?"

    - On Festivals your Wife/Husband stick on your side or have other Dialogues^^.

    - wedding day is noted on calendar and your partner is reacting to it, maybe angry when you dont give her/him a gift.

    - Take a break from your life and do what your partner wants, example. Haley she like it to photographs, so why cant you take her to other places make some photos and hang it on the pinboard to watch them.

    - you can allow your partner to decorate the house

    - on birthday (yeah you should can set your own birthday too), you or your partner can make a surprise party and invite people with 3-4 Hearts or more.

    - Your partner can go shopping, new clothes(for her and you) or more food etc. set how much gil she have to shopping. Just give the partner a own Inventory for this.

    Ok thats it for now i have too much ideas/wishes.
    Sry for my bad english but what are you thinking? some other ideas?
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      I totally agree. It was a bit weird when I got married and nobody cared about it, I mean, other villagers are supposed to be my friend, but when I talk to them it looks like nothing happened.
      The same when you have a baby.
      I'd love to see more reactions, especially when you marry the son/daughter of someone (though right now I married Leah).
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