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    Currently, generic monsters show nice variety in ranged attacks or their looks and that's nice, but other part of monster variety has been really neglected. It would be great, if monsters had much more different movement styles, melee attacks and sizes.

    A few propositions:
    - some moving only in a jumpy manner (much like slime in some other games);
    - others small, very fast and agile;
    - some others bulky and slow, but with ability to block some attacks, fast regeneration rate and huge damage;
    - some very small, but aggressive;
    - swift birds attacking in a falcon manner like living missiles;
    - others attacking only from a single positions with fire and hiding under the surface of tiles;
    - some partly invisible or hiding in similar terrain, lurking for careless adventurer;
    - octopuses (kraken?) and whales underwater;
    - spider-like crawlers with ranged attacks (similar to mechanic spiders found in some dungeons, but available as generic monster);
    - hydra-like monster, splitting in two smaller monsters after destruction (similar to poop-monster, but available as generic monster);

    FIghting would be so much fun if monsters had such variety in other areas, as they have in ranged attacks. :)
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