More than Three Farmhands (In general, not in a live session)

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    Smidge of Background:
    I love your game. It's awesome, and I hope this doesn't come across as criticizing the game or anyone involved. I have a lot of respect for the creator and the game and can definitely see the passion behind it.

    My friends and I have been excited for this update for a little over a year when we first heard the multiplayer idea being teased. We were stoked

    Also, I stream a bit in my spare time and was hoping to involve the multiplayer as part of pulling in my community and getting viewers involved if they so desired. Now, onto my suggestion...


    I played a bit of the Beta and realized that once each house is occupied, then that person is there forever.

    I was under the impression that people would be able to come and go as they pleased; similar to I guess a freelance farmer to put it in an IRL scenario (not sure if these actually exist, but it should help in getting the point across). Basically, each cabin was more of a community lodge than it was a single other person's house. This is currently not the case, which kinda makes me sad.

    I have spoken to people supporting what is currently available while also hearing others that agree with myself in saying that it is too rigid.

    In the scenario of it being a community cabin, some could be unhappy that other users would interfere with how the cabin is decorated with furniture or something similar. My suggestion around that is to simply play the game with only 3 people (or less) if you want your own house, assuming more than 3 can join in overall.

    I'm NOT saying have more than 3 people join a single live game simultaneously. I'm saying that if there are 2 "joiners" and a host, then any other 4th person can fill the space of the third "joiner" or third cabin. The way it is now would involve me creating 3 separate towns to be able to play with a collective 4 other friends (5 people, including myself).

    Ex: consider, i am friend 1, and my other friends are friend 2, 3, 4, 5
    As it is now, the possible combinations (with me as host and creating multiple farms) are:
    Farm 1: 1, 2, 3, 4
    Farm 2: 1, 2, 3, 5
    Farm 3: 1, 3, 4, 5

    This would involve 3 different farms to play with just 1 extra friend in order to make it so everyone can play with each other. In general, I'd rather not have to shut people out, but starting that many farms is tedious. I'd probably be more likely to find something else to play for a multiplayer/co-op experience

    My idea was that a person would randomly be assigned a cabin if the total number of farmhands on record is greater than or exceeds 3 IF there are only 1 or 2 people currently joined to the host (maybe keep track of which cabin they're assigned to for consistency, since I know some people want that to retain the single-player experience). The inventory and stats would be saved for each individual farmhand. To address the extra tools, farmhands would simply start the game with tools in their inventory. From there they can store them in chests/drawers as needed like anyone else.

    Regarding spouses and other character-specific things, make the npc loyal to the person they married (which i'm sure is already implemented) and have them be in the house/cabin IF the appropriate player is on. If they aren't logged in, they simply go back to their own house. This slightly breaks the single-player experience, but that's kinda understood when you're aiming for multiplayer. Plus, as I mentioned before, if you wanted to exclusively have the single-player experience with the multiplayer, then you'd simply limit the number of people you allow into your host session to 3 (or 4 total including the host). I also realize that this could mean people would run out of potential spouses in the extreme case, but if you have that many friends, then this problem probably wouldn't be your biggest one lol. Scheduling around that many people would be pretty amazing.

    Overall, I imagine this would be a huge overhaul and probably won't happen, but this would be much more flexible in having other people join in and have fun with the multiplayer experience overall (in my opinion of course, and obviously in terms of playing with more than 3 friends)

    Thanks again for creating the game! Definitely a good time sink :D
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