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Would you like to see better weather in StarBound like these or more?

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  1. G-Mac

    G-Mac Void-Bound Voyager

    I was thinking that it would be cool in a post 1.0 update to have more varied weather like fog on the ground, and clouds high in the sky at times, especially when raining, maybe with different types at different levels. You could also add things to the parallax (or background, if I am referring to the wrong thing) like the fog or clouds high in the sky when on the ground and showing the clouds in the parallax being level to you when in the clouds. You could also add weather fronts like hot and cold, that would probably generate randomly at first, they would effect temperature in the temperature system I heard was possibly going to be added. They could form tornadoes (anywhere where a hot and cold front storm mix), at least on a small scale for testing at first, as well as smaller cyclones (that would form in smaller storms or over water when there is a warm front (I think that is how it works so you may have to look it up, seasons may make a difference if you add those too). You could also add smaller whirlwinds that form like cyclones, but on smaller bodies of water or during high winds (which I think you should also add) ,and around cliffs or sudden drops of the land area including that of buildings even if the building is above ground, depending on the wind direction. That would be based on the fronts incoming direction so regional weather I think should be an included feature. Lightning during storms would be good to add too, especially during extreme weather. I'm not commanding you to do this stuff it is just my suggestion, so feel free to use or discard any of this, and thanks for considering.:nuruhappy:
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  2. evilnancyreagan

    evilnancyreagan Pangalactic Porcupine

    acid (poison) rain was fun. that still a thing on toxic planets? are toxic planets still a thing?

    I would love to see more interesting weather also. having the same clouds rain, shine or anything in between is a bit of a bummer. Unfortunately, this seems like one of those ideas that would lose out in popular opinion to something like a new race and complex weather would probably be more work to implement. I would enjoy it though :)
  3. LaughingAlex

    LaughingAlex Ketchup Robot

    Absolutely agree. We need more weather types and things to look out for on planets. We get plenty of information if planet has the possability of a dangerous weather event, we could also have more variety of dangerous/extreme weather and events.

    Frequency is how often the planet can HAVE the weather type. For instance, extreme dust storms and fiery acid rain are frequently a possibility on a scorched planet.

    Easy weather:
    Lightning storms. Appears on: Anything
    Just lots of thunder, dark(sometimes light) skies.

    Like, for example(mostly for scorched/volcanic/toxic/alien);

    Dangerous. These weather types hurt, but are not instantly fatal.
    Toxic Waste storm:
    Appears on: Scorched planets, some volcanic, toxic and alien.
    Damages player and leaves toxic waste blobs everywhere, may also leave poison on the ground to damage the player and npcs.

    Debris storm:
    Any(rarely, but on planets within star systems containing arc gateways)
    Debris roars onto the landscape. I never got to see this from pre-1.0, it should be brought back.

    Extreme Dust storm:
    Scorched(frequent), Volcanic, Toxic, Savannah, Desert(semi frequent).
    Lots of dust and loose silt cover things, but in addition, extreme danger from random static explosions will damage the player. This comes from the accounts of the super dust storms of the dust bowl of the 1930s.

    Deadly Weather types:
    These weather types will always inflict huge damage to the player for being exposed, but are not as fatal as lethal weather events.

    Intense Cinders:
    Volcanic, Scorched, Magma(most frequent)
    Cinders that can damage the player from sheer intensity. Fires cover massive large sections of landscape(in a similar vein to a molotov cocktail explosion and damage the player and any flamable blocks.

    Fiery acid storm:
    Toxic(Rarely), Scorched(Frequent), Volcanic(Frequent) Magma(Frequent)
    Cinders smother the landscape and damage flamable blocks while acidic like rain rapidly causes steaming poison to wreck the landscape. Make sure you get in doors or under the ground pronto or take very terrible damage from poison and acid.

    Lethal weather types/disasters
    These weather types are in a similar vein to meteor showers, with far more destructive consequences. So devastating are these events, that SAIL should give a warning it is about to happen. The worst of these weather types is extremely rare in even being possible on planets for a good reason(threat of instant death).

    Waste Explosion:
    Appears on: Scorched(frequent), Volcanic, Toxic(frequent), Alien.
    A massive explosion nearby rains massive amounts of lethal poison/waste and explosive debris everywhere on the screen.

    Volcanic Eruption:
    Appears on Volcanic(frequent), Scorched, Jungle, Ocean(yes, ocean):
    Explosion of cinders, lava, ash and cataclysmic flow roars over the landscape. Players outside will get a warning if such an event happens, for if they are not inside strong cover or under water, they can be quickly pulverized and killed, and wooden structures will be instantly destroyed(and anyone inside them for that matter).

    Nuclear Explosion: Appears on: Toxic(Rarely), Scorched(Semi rarely), these planets are destroyed cities for a reason, right? Background explosion heats the temperature momentarily to extreme hot on toxic planets, characters/creatures/players not indoors/underground are instantly killed. Characters within weaker materials take 75% of current hp as damage. Characters within iron or tougher will survive with 75% of current hp. Lingering damage will also occur, so use a medkit or teleport to your starship immediately after surviving this!
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