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  1. dolphy112

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    I have a small PC that I would like to run starbound on, but not steam, as it presents a bit of extra storage space, not enclosed within my 50 GB laptop. I'd like to be able to download starbound in and of itself, without any extra valve baggage beforehand. I'm not sure if this is a thing, and I'm missing something, or if there is a way to do this. I own starbound already, on my terabyte desktop, so I wasn't worried about steam on that PC. As far as I can tell, there is no way to tell Humble or GOG that you already own the game, as that would be too easy to fake. If I need to buy the game again, I will, since I absolutely adore this game, but if possible, I'd like to simply be able to download starbound itself.

  2. Hel

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    You could always transfer the game to your smaller PC by copying the game files onto a USB stick or something.

    Only problem then is whenever a new update arrives you will not be able to update. You will have to keep doing this
  3. dolphy112

    dolphy112 Void-Bound Voyager

    For some reason, it brings me to the steam page for the game. It may be from when I attempted to install steam, then realized it took up too much space, and stopped the install... but I'm really not sure.
  4. Hel

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    Maybe its because its downloaded from Steam. But that shouldn't be the issue. Steam is just the download client.

    I don't know if you need Steam. I don't think you do, then again I am a little unsure. I thought that would have worked.
  5. Kezeal

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    There should be DRM free version at the place where you bought it, Humble Bundle for many.

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