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    Hi all, I've just created a mod called MultiPause!

    This mod adds mechanisms for time to be paused in multi-player when players are in menus or other situations that would normally pause time in single-player mode.

    While it does provide a config option to pause time if ANY player is in a state that would normally cause time to pause, I wanted to provide a better solution that doesn't give the players extra time in the day "for free," but I still wanted to minimize the amount of time they would lose from being in menus, shopping, eating food, etc. while other players roam freely.

    This mod provides two approaches that solve this problem.

    The first is a simple solution which simply pauses time any time every player on the server is in a single-player-paused state. This is the most obvious solution, but the effects are only felt if players happen to pause at the same time. This option is called "ALL" mode.

    The second solution, "AUTO" mode, is more complicated: the game will keep track of which player has spent the least time paused so far for the current day, and time will be paused based solely on whether they are in a single-player-paused state or not. This means that if everyone is paused, time will also be paused, just like in "ALL" mode. But if only a few people are paused, time is still able to be paused to let players catch up on some of the time they have lost while sitting in menus.

    If this second solution sounds confusing, just know that it will do its best to even out the amount of active gameplay each player gets, without giving away any time "for free." Unless all players pause at exactly the same times for the whole day, it will always be impossible to have a perfect single-player time experience, but this setting will try to give you as much time as possible depending on what your fellow players do!

    Please report any bugs to me, and let me know if you have any requests!

    ** Download latest release here: **

    Source code and detailed Readme can be found here:
    • Carolm3

      Carolm3 Space Hobo

      Hello! Sorry to bother you.
      I just downloaded the mod and didn't know where to ask questions.
      I was trying to figure out where can I change the Pause Mode, but I couldn't find any directions on the website where I downloaded the mod ( which is here: )
      Can you please tell me how to change it from AUTO to ANY or ALL?

      Thanks a lot!

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