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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by incorrectdigit, May 3, 2018.

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    Multiplayer has been amazingly fun and while I've certainly had my fair share of bugs (posted to the bug thread) I'd like to share my personal feedback, some issues I see/have and opinions on at least some of the new content (I've not seen it all so I might update this as it goes along) But her goes:

    Firstly it's immensely fun to play this game multiplayer, being able to split tasks and do differing branches in skills is a lot of fun.

    The start: Starting is nice, and while you double up on early crops, you start to see where starting isn't that much easier. Having to buy bags for each player does quickly add up, and trying to upgrade each person's items isn't bad but is very very time consuming. I really wish Clint could update both things at once. The festival's are fun and that works fairly well.

    I definitely did a double take when I saw the crafting requirements for the wedding ring, that definitely became a late game item. TV/Mail seems to be a little odd in multiplayer and there were some potential bugs or issues I found, notably transferring groups of items without a chest. Or transferring a tool without a chest. Not sure if these are intended, but they might be.

    I love the announcement system, particularly for random milestones like 10,000 steps, though I find it funny the chat announces if you were caught checking a trash can, but doesn't announce if you build a farm structure. I also accidentally spammed the chat while rearranging things in the museum.

    The random teleporting that can happen on cutscenes can also be disruptive, my friend went into pierre's shop and started the cutscene where coupons are thrown out and I was stolen from the farm. Also some of the later cutscenes (like Linus') might cause issues with time, my friend passed out on the farm because he was trying to make it through the linus garbage cutscene after staying out a little late, though he didn't want to skip it for the little bit of friendship you can gain doing the dialogue versus the neutral you get skipping it.

    I'm also not sure if I"m missing announcements or oddities are happening but some of the milestone things like the mine opening up or the bath house didn't seem to actually say anything, we just figured out it happened by wandering by. Though we maybe missed it? Dual meteors was a nice surprise, though after the slingshot chest wasn't there when I visited the mines after friend had gotten it it's made me worry about stardrops. The museum gives us both our own rewards, but how will it work with sweet gem berry guy, or the mine one, or buying one from Krobus? little bit of a worry there.

    We're just in early fall so I don't have a lot more left to comment on content wise but I have heard about the new 'wooing everyone gets you in trouble forever' cutscene. This really bothers me, not because I don't like the idea of the cutscene, but because it being irreversible bothers me, I'm a completionist by heart and I have a farm where I've worked hard to get every villager and bachelor/bachelorette to ten hearts, not necessarily because I want to woo them all, but because I want to fill up the heart meter for everybody.

    I really hope this isn't permanent, or it's changed to not be a permanent cold shoulder so with time/effort/gifts you could rebuild everyone back up to 10 hearts. I just want a page full of 10 hearts, is that so bad? T.T
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      I really agree about the chat announcements, it'd be nice if we could get a wider amount of announcements, like you said about farm buildings being built... or say animals being purchased, or milestones in the cave being reached, or if someone travels to the desert etc. :)

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