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Closed Multiplayer glitch

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by Missa227, Mar 2, 2016.

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  1. Missa227

    Missa227 Space Hobo

    Let me start by saying that my husband and I both love this game and have clocked many hours on it. Recently, we set up our own server and have been playing it together on multiplayer for months. We are using LogMeIn Hamachi to run our server.
    We have been playing this way for months, but tonight my game glitched, and because this is an early release of the game, I wanted to let it be known to someone who might be able to address it in future updates.
    We were on a planet we have claimed as our own, building warehouses to store items away from our ship. I warped to my ship and tried to open a storage chest. The game would not let me. I tried to open the consols on the ship. It wouldn't let me. I warped down to the planet and the warping animation took a solid 10 minutes. It didn't even end on its own. I hit the escape button to save and quit.
    The moment I hit the escape button, my ship appeared and the animation stopped and the menu where I can choose save and quit showed up, but my character was not on the ship. However, my husband said my character was in the pilot seat of my ship on his screen.

    I eventually logged out, which crashed my husband's game (who was the one running the server). We were able to get back in. He sent me 5 invites to his party, and I didn't receive any of them. I warped from my ship to the planet. The animation tool even longer before I hit the escape button and the same thing happened. This time, when I hit escape, I suddenly got all his party invites and tried to accept them. He saw that I was in his party and warped to my ship. He said he couldn't see me this time but it said I was in the ship.

    We've never had this issue before and it certainly won't stop us from playing and enjoying the game, but I wanted this to be known in case there is a way to address it. We are done for the night and will try again another day. Hopefully everything will be back to normal.

    P.S. An idea: It would be neat to have a type of storage container that can have a label on the outside of it so you can name it. For example: I could have a storage bin for weapons and name it weapons and see the label on the bin. This could be a special type of storage bin that could come in a basic white or black.
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