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    1. The inventory menu where you can view the community center without having to physically go and look at what you need is only updated and viewable by the host.
    2. Museum artifacts and minerals only shows updated tooltips for host. So other players can't tell what needs to be donated without wasting a trip to the museum.
    3. Using your tool to dig up acorns, pine cones, and maple seeds only breaks the seed instead of pops it up. Still works on my old single player game.
    4. Certain cinematic events will pull all players to the location of the event.
    5. Hearing your farm animals and other players chopping down trees, and such from everywhere.
    6. When someone tries to milk a cow or goat that has no milk. The message pops up on other players screens too, stopping them from what they were doing.
    7. Desync when we play with a full party my husband and I will desync if the other hosts the game. So I will desync if he hosts. IP conflicts? Since we live in the same house. For us its only him or I no one else seems to get desynced. Sometimes laying in the cabin bed will speed up time like it's trying to catch up. But not always will that work. Causes long loading screens, duplicated items, and long wait for chests to open (sometimes opening up from far away lol). When there are only 3 players we don't experience the desync. Can it not handle the information packets for that many players? It doesn't seem to matter in what order we log in or cabin since its always him or I depending on who hosts. I haven't tried another hosting for us to see who desync's. 3 of the players are LAN but only him and I share home group. Not sure if that is useful.
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