Multiplayer Suggestion : "No free slots in the server" Problem

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Amx, May 5, 2018.

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    Hello! <3 This would be lengthy but I hope Devs and Admins will read this.

    I realize the new Multiplayer Beta server quite difficult regarding new players joining a server that already played or full. I couldn't join a friend's server because he already had 3 members joining the server, even so one of the player is not online or playing in his server; "no free slots in the server". So I guess what the meaning "joining the server" is "sign up for that server", permanently until removed by the host. I don't want to ask my friend to delete his other friend's house and rebuild for me of course, that would seem rude and I don't know if his friend will play again but I'd suggest to increase the amount of players in a server (6 probably sufficient) OR

    another solution; "Personal House Lobby." This is like the most mmorpg game where each players have their own house but when they went out from the house, they will be in the server they joined. Still, I understand that might cause lags and longer loading time especially if a player has the habit to go in and out from their house but since privacy is also quite a problem so I guess this would be the fix? . By right there shouldn't be a personal house if to avoid the first problem, only personal chests that players can store, password included too perhaps.

    Honestly I don't like much about the building small houses just for other players to join, I prefer everyone will sleep in the same big beautiful house with the host. And maybe for lil' spice, the loading screen is the player took a bus (Calico Desert Deleted Bus Scene) when joining a farm/server. There will be room extension with 3 beds like the second house upgrade (kids bedroom). So players can come and go every server they want, doesn't have to be dedicated in one server. This reminds me of the game called "Dont Starve Together" which none of us have personal house but we do have personal chests, still it is not very important if our things to gone missing, we just "oh well" and find them again together because we don't know everyone's territory since players come and go quite often due to boredom, busy, or just silly argument. The game map would be quite mess up and everyone's stuffs are everywhere, not organize but that's how it is; live and let live, just play the actual game or don't join the multiplayer instead.

    This doesn't mean I do not appreciate what ConcernedApe and friends when making the Multiplayer Beta Update, I really love and excited about this update, I read all the news and yeah, took quite long time too just for creating this Multiplayer but this is quite a huge limitation for me and I really kind of hope that this would be just in the Beta. I'd apologize if this was mistaken or misunderstanding because I haven't able to join any server now lol :') or if I don't know that they can build more than 3 cabins (but isn't that would cause more space?) or another best solutions for my first problem. Another easiest solutions is the host have multiple save files but would be very troublesome if the host have too many friends but everyone play different time, eventually they will just keep creating new farm, and it might ruined the gameplay. I can be the host instead really, but uh my internet probably will slow everyone's down, I prefer to join server than being the host.

    I guess that's all, Thank you for reading my suggestions. Please do comment. <3
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      Hello again, I think I need to update this thread because finally! I had players to play with.

      I did some research how the multiplayer works, including the chat interface and so on. Quite interesting, but the major bug for me is the "Player clocks become desynced", which I know the Devs are currently still investigating the bug. Anyways, I asked a friend if she prefers personal cabin instead of players stay in the same house, and yeah she said she prefers the cabin because it would look like a small village. To be honest, I don't realize that idea, so I want to apologize if some feel offended to my previous post.

      Also I notice that now everyone will get their own personal cutscenes except for the major cutscene (Community Centre, etc) so each player now have their own save files... which means... man, the game coding going to be very very very difficult. Must be headache to have more players able to join the server. I haven't try to join a server yet, but I see that you can choose avatars to play before joning a server, which is a very great stuff! But can it save your avatar progress along the way? will the upgraded axe/watering can/etc will be save in the avatar? I'm not sure, I need to play as normal player instead being the host someday. If it can save the progress, would it be unnecessary for players to "sign up" for a cabin in the server? I know the next problem is everyone will keep switching cabins (their stuffs gone missing or their house turn from goth theme to pink fuzzy theme) so why not stay in the same house? (read more, don't stop here) I also noticed that even other players can move the objects in the host house. I do not mind about the cabin, but I do hope so there would be a choice to either allow players to stay in the same house with the host OR

      just buy beds instead of cabin.
      So players can choose either to live in personal cabin or live in the same house with the host. Host can buy as many beds, and players need to sign up (or the host need to sign up for them) for the only available beds. The beds can assign to specific username/avatar ID or to choose "Open" which means any players can use the bed. Of course, the server is limited to 4 players (if can more, then that's great!). The game progress, is still personal to every player's avatar, not related to the game host or server/farm save file. This way can give more freedom for players to choose, and ease for players to come in and go between servers. Because I know, at first none have money to upgrade cabin or the host house, so after gaining millions, later than can think of buying extra houses, buying more house extension (please add attic too!) and in-game marriage (double beds). No hassle thinking that the host should have everything first before others, use up all the goods money that everyone try so hard to get. (I haven't check house multiplayer cabin upgrade work/cost yet though)

      Of course my suggestion may not be the best, I don't know what they plan before the beta or if they do have try my suggestions before but the game broke or something else. So far the multiplayer game is fun, my friend got really addicted and keep asking if I had the time to play. I played Stardew Valley for more than 170 hours and still increasing. I hope the bugs will fix soon, Thank you ConcernedApe and friends for fixing the bugs and listening to us. I'm still testing out the beta, will report any bugs in Steam Discussions instead. <3

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