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    Since the owner has decided to make this game diverse in rep, not only will this be good for that but it'll also add to the characters themselves!

    If this was ever added here is what I'd want as a player: Certain characters who are more insecure or have more traditional values may need reassuring, that reassurance is your reasoning or explaining that wanting a relationship with someone else doesn't mean you don't love them too. Honestly this feature would be great. (I, as a person have mainly taught myself to believe that monogamy isn't the default. So you can understand the guilt I felt when my friend broke the news to me. I'm sorry Sebby, Abby and Shane-)

    Now I feel like marriage would be a more COMPLICATED one, considering marriage is bigger than just dating. For example, here is what I mean:
    Your husband is Sebestian. Sebestian is an introvert who doesn't like interaction much. You ask Sebestain for his permission to marry someone who's social, for example, Haley or Sam(I know Sam is Sebestiains best friend but not everyone wants to live with their best friend, Sebestian seems like one of those people.) He will gently let you down and explain his reasoning and you both move on with your lives. Now if you pick someone else who is more compatible, he'll happily accept! (Example: Shane (Ambivert?))

    I know this may seem a bit complicated for the game itself but I honestly wouldn't like it myself. I don't want my partner to just be a 'yes man/woman.' it takes away the human element. You could add something in the game to get around it for players who REALLY want to.

    But anyway, you're probably wondering, what about space? Where would they go? Well I was thinking, maybe there could be a partner limit? 2-4? 2-3? And even then maybe some of them might want to live in a separate house (That's what the cabins would be used for?)

    Again, these ARE all suggestions but I'd SERIOUSLY appreciated it if some aspects from it were taken if the idea was to become a reality. All of these characters are their own individual people and I honestly would rather this wasn't added if your spouses couldn't say yes, maybe and no.

    Also, this is just a smaller sub suggestion but I think adding more to characters dialogue would be GREAT. After you go through big life changing events with some characters their dialogue doesn't change much and that bothers me a little, also it'd be cool if the towns people commented on things that you do or your relationship with others! For example if you were to get into Girlfriend status with Haley, Emily would comment on it. Or if you buy from Jojo Pierre may comments on that in a salty way.

    If you start dating someone/marry someone your relationship little by little increases with their family and friends (for example, you marry/date Shane and your relationship increases with Jas or Marnie.) I know it's more complicated than how the game actually is but I feel like that would make the people feel less robotic and more natural. I'm a new player though so if this feature is already in the game ignore this, I'm just very passionate.
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