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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by jack.bleu, Mar 21, 2016.

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    I wish this to be put in future :D thank you.

    its been my 1st year 1st season ingame and ive done alot like having deluxe barn deluxe coop, max house upgrade and the greenhouse and constant income from my jams and wine, almost done with my community center its so fun and addicting so ive been thinking about the future things i might be doing ingame so heres a thought.

    first and foremost i disagree with making the game savable at any time of the day, making multiple shipping bin and making time more longer a day since sooner or later in the game it would make things more easier and boring, I understand that most people like it easier but for me i'd like some challenges as time goes by to get me moving.

    1. More NPC improvements(especially interactions) to make things livelier in game like they visit you or they use hotspring or make them more scattered around the valley or theyr doing some of activities or interact to you more.

    2. Cooking improvements like make events just to show off your cooking and give cooking qualities depending on ingredients and more recipess

    3. Give more things to be done by player like make a different area where there are requirements needed.

    4. Give more unique events depending on year and month not the usual every year events.

    5. Create more things to do in ocean like make a boat or ship that we can use.

    6. Create a farm overview for the player so we can decide on how we do things in our farm :D.

    7. Create spells for combat that consumes stamina and that can be learned thru the wizard by giving requirements.

    8. After marriage events or action like honeymoon,anniv or couple only event or invite for a beach, spa and go to desert.

    9. Music player for the house and obtainable/buyable albums to be played when at home :D

    sorry if theres some mistake in there and i want some opinions and thats all for now since i think this would take a long time thank youu!

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