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    Munchnomnom, (appetitus grandus). (Art by qazxcwe)


    This plant lives on any planet with life. You can know when there's one around if you find a place with no plants or animals except grass, sometimes there are branches ripped from the trees. It eats almost everything, from sentient humanoids to fruits and moles. On it's stem is a big flower/mouth that is used for eating and reproduction. It uses its roots to grab animals and plants, it is known to rip branches off trees if there's unsufficient food around. If the roots grabbed something, it will be thrown into the mouth. The mouth will close and the animal/plant will be slowly digested. If a Munchnomnom has an animal/plant in his mouth, he won't attack.


    Once in 50 years, the flower will produce a scent that is very attractive for insects. The insects will pick up pollen and move to the next Munchnomnom. This Munchnomnom will produce some fruits that will be fired if fully grown. The fruit will grow into a small Munchnomnom that will eat small animals and plants.


    A small Munchnomnom will have a range of 2 blocks in every direction, this will slowly increase when they grow bigger. The biggest range ever measured was 8 blocks in every direction. A small Munchnomnom is 1 block wide and 1 block high. A full grown Munchnomnom is 1 block wide and 2 blocks high.


    Munchnomnom root: can be crafted into a super strong whip. (common):zzz:
    Munchnomnom acid: this acid is used to digest animals and plants. It does a lot of damage, but it works slowly. Used to make Munchnomnom acid bombs. (uncommom):)
    Munchnomnom leave: You can extract acid from them, is used to make Munchnomnom acid bombs. (uncommom):)
    Bones: all what is left of the poor creatures. (uncommom):)
    Munchnomnom nectar: can be crafted into an insect trap. (rare)o_O
    Munchnomnom pollen: can be sold for a high price. (very rare):eek:
    Munchnomnom fruit: can be planted. Not edible for humans, but is a delicacy for some races.(rareness: OVER 9000!!!!)D:

    Munchnomnoms have spread all amongst the galaxy. Some drops only occur in one kind of biome. (idea of qazxcwe) All specific drops are rare.

    Lava Munchnomnom: Breathes fire. drops Lava Munchnomnom fruit, which can be planted to make a fire sentry for your base. WARNING: If you don't feed the Lava munchnomnom it will become grumpy and attack you too!!

    Munchnomnom fire.png

    Desert Munchnomnom: Has thorny roots. drops thorny Munchnomnom root, which can be crafted into a whip that does more damage than the normal whip.

    desert munchnomnom.png

    Nuclear Munchnomnom: A mutated version of the Munchnomnom, it digests faster. drops Nuclear Munchnomnom acid, a faster version of the normal acid.

    acidic Munchnomnom.png

    Industrialized Munchnomnom: lives in cities. because it has eaten a lot of sentient beings it may drop armour, technologic items or weapons. Has a weak laser in his mouth. (idea of qazxcwe)

    Mechnomnom GIF.gif

    Glowing Munchnomnom: lives underground and glows in the dark. drops Glowing Munchnomnom nectar which is extra effective to trap nocturnal insects.

    Glowing Munchnomnom.png

    Furry Munchnomnom: Lives in cold places. drops Munchnomnom fur, which can be crafted into Munchnomnom armor.

    Munchnomnom fur.png

    Munchnomnom armor is made by combining Munchnomnom fur and Munchnomnom root. if you wear the full armor set of this, the Munchnomnom won't attack you.

    Munchnom armor.png

    Art will be appreciated.:halo:
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  2. qazxcwe

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    If it was on a volcanic planet it would have a flamethrower in its mouth.
    And had a super rare flamethrower sentry seed drop.
    You plant it it protects your base!
    And you could add a different rare drop for each type of planet!
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  3. qazxcwe

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    Which would be damned epic
  4. killemded

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    heck yes, very outstanding Mat. Great presentation also! Sounds like I would have a personal vendetta with this monster.
  5. qazxcwe

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    Rough sketch much?!
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  6. DNAY!

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    Thanks for all the feedback.
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  7. DNAY!

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    added the drops that vary
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  8. qazxcwe

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  9. qazxcwe

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    BTW industrial munch should have a lazer cannon in mouth

    That would be beast!
  10. qazxcwe

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    munchnomnom industrial.png
    My pic!
    You like it?
  11. DNAY!

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    wouldn´t that make him overpowered? maybe i could just give him some extra armor?
  12. qazxcwe

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    If you had a city you would probably have quite good equip at the time or is that just how I think?
  13. DNAY!

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    ok, i'll ad it, but it won't be a super-strong laser. i'll also add some other things.
  14. qazxcwe

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    Cool and I didnt want the laser OP anyway I just like lasers!:rainbow:
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  15. DNAY!

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    i like lazors too!!!:lolwut:
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  17. DNAY!

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  18. qazxcwe

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    Do you want me to draw some more?
    cuz im open!
  19. qazxcwe

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    mechamals and munchnomnoms vs player=carnage!!!!!
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  20. DNAY!

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    oh yes PLZ. maybe something that is a little bit more defined? or aren't you that good at art?

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