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Would you like to see a music based planet?

  1. Absolutely! A music planet would be awesome!!!

  2. Yeah, sure. Why not?

  3. Living instruments? Get real.

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  4. I have hatred for music in all forms. NO MUSIC PLANETS FOR YOU!

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  1. Vargus

    Vargus Big Damn Hero

    I posted this before in a general Starbound thread, but I feel that it is more suited for this area.

    I think that a planet with musical instrument npc's would be awesome. Like houses and buildings can be instruments. Every step you take plays a musical note of some kind, the type of instrument that the note is played from could be entirely up to the area you are in, randomized upon arriving to the planet, or just a user preference (relative to an item carried or something like that.)

    Then the sentient beings on the planet could be CD's, .mp3 files, .wav files, cassette tapes, vinyls, pretty much any form of musical media possible.

    And then the animals or enemies on the planet could be musical notes of various shapes and sizes. Could be flat, or sharp, E,a,d,g,b,e. lol. I think it is a cool concept and could be further developed, this is just an idea that could spark into something awesome.

    NEW IDEA: Communication with the sentient beings could be with musical notes. So you could have to use a translation device to change their notes into words. And then reply with a mini game, DDR/Guitar hero type play style.
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  2. DeVoid

    DeVoid Void-Bound Voyager

    Very interesting idea. I personally would prefer actual musical npcs, almost more like a bard (space bards?) rather than getting in a fight with a .wav file. Evil .wav files...
    Well, maybe the cassette tapes could just attack you by shooting all their tape out at you? like what used to happen to me with vcr tapes... Evil vcr tapes...

    Having space bards would be very neat. Maybe you could save one from a planet and he or she would play you music on your ship, increasing the moral of the crew and thus making them work faster? Just mah 2 cents.
  3. Vargus

    Vargus Big Damn Hero

    That is also a good idea. Space bards would be awesome, they could still implement the music mini game somehow. Saving one from a planet and letting them live in your ship would be a cool feature. Live music anyone? lol. Maybe it could be a place full of bards, insanely good guitarists, one armed drummers, and deaf pianists. And all kinds of variations.
  4. DeVoid

    DeVoid Void-Bound Voyager

    Hah, deaf pianists and one armed drummer would be a nice idea. I'm sure they could do some type of mini game for the music lovers if they really wanted to. Maybe there could be a space station where many of them lived?
  5. Vargus

    Vargus Big Damn Hero

    Thats a good idea. rather than them have their own planet. Either way haha, it would be pretty cool :D
  6. Mercury Gilado

    Mercury Gilado Existential Complex

    You could hire a minstrel NPC to follow you around, causing the background music to change to whatever you want. It'd probably be best if you were just on a stroll, instead of spelunking in a Unicron-like planet, or something. And I support musical mini games, I'd win a lot of stuff :-D
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  7. Vargus

    Vargus Big Damn Hero

    Great idea Mercgilado. I like it. Maybe the minstrel could only play tracks you have unlocked. so like, if you have a certain planets music unlocked they can play it. So every area you have explored has its own music, with the minstrel being capable of playing the songs for you once unlocked. :D

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