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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by creepwolf, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. creepwolf

    creepwolf Giant Laser Beams

    Basically a second character you create for your player that will only appear if called (like teleports)
    They should only really be able to appear on your ship or homeworld. They will play an extra instrument if needed for your song. They will stand still and serve no other purpose. Basically they're are just furniture.

    But in multiplayer is where it really gets interesting. You see they would be able to join together with the other peoples companion to form a band. Think like the cantina band in star wars providing background music for your clan base or whatever.

    This should be quite flexible in that you could form your own band of players and it could just fill and empty spot all the way to a full npc band of their own.

    I thought of this because I think you are quite limited playing an instrument in the game. You can't build or fight or anything so the npc could play the music for you. Or you could just play with the npc to make your song better.
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  3. Sashraan

    Sashraan Orbital Explorer

    This idea is pretty neat!
    I can imagine the result in say.. an INN your team built, for other players, with a small band playing some smooth jazz to help the ambiance haha
    Or a band of aliens, in your ship, playing suspense music when you're getting attacked! hahaha

    What about certain monster/non-humanoid 'pets' that could play special instruments?
    Say... a bio-organic blob-like pet playing a Bio-Organ!
    That'd be totally bad-ass! :)

    I'd be all over planets, searching for exotic pets and exotic instruments, in a jiffy!

    Good idea, though. It'd be fun to have music playing without the constraints of being stuck there to play it, rather have the option to have a subordinate pet do it instead haha :p
  4. creepwolf

    creepwolf Giant Laser Beams

    Those were my thoughts exactly:iswydt:
    Huh I guess that would fit with the pre order milestone of pets and I would also be all over exotic instruments. Specifically for this I was imagining the more traditional kind. It does sounds a bit like a separate suggestion, organic instruments? I would love to experiment with them for sure.
  5. Sashraan

    Sashraan Orbital Explorer

    Personnal orchestras that accompany you and play ambiance music depending on the situation... Genius!
    Okay now I'm just being silly.. :rofl:

    Haha I got a little bit over-board with the organic instruments :D
    But being a fan of sci-fi and a music lover and artist, I think that some weird 'special effect' sounds could be made by different 'special-looking' instruments.. something like a Wub Blub, breathing when 'idle' and taking the shape of waves when 'being played', sounding like your typical 'WubWub' sound in current electronic music.

    ... Inspiration is sprouting in by the ton!
    Off to make my own thread about these! :rofl:
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  6. Sashraan

    Sashraan Orbital Explorer

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