My daily profit breakdown doesn't show after going to sleep

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cesal95, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Cesal95

    Cesal95 Space Hobo

    Hello everyone! :)
    First of all, this is my first post here and I want to thank ConcernedApe for creating this awesome game which I I love and I truly think it is a masterpiece! Thank you for giving us this awesome game with this wonderful community!
    My thread is about the daily profit breakdown (a screen that shows up after you go to sleep showing your profits for the day), in spring I could see it a few days but not every night, and now that I'm about to finish summer I haven't seen it in none of the summer's days :( Is it a bug? or is it normal? do you know how it works? When I level up a skill it that shows up after going to sleep, but still no daily profit. :(
    Thanks in advance! :D
    • Marak

      Marak Big Damn Hero

      It only shows up if you put things in the shipping box next to your house to sell. Things that you sell directly to vendors aren't tallied up at the end of the day (I guess because you make the money on the spot?) so if you don't throw anything in the box, you don't get the daily breakdown.
      • Cesal95

        Cesal95 Space Hobo

        Oh I see! I never use the shipping box! I always go to Pierre's to sell :$ Do you know if shipping is better? Thanks you! :D
        • sorrymyfault

          sorrymyfault Phantasmal Quasar

          if you don't need the money that instance i would ship it, takes less time to get there and count towards achivments
          • Marak

            Marak Big Damn Hero

            You get the same price either way. Selling directly to a vendor means you're spending time to get there, and you have to do it when said vendor is going to be behind the counter - but you get the cash right now, and can then spend it if you need to.

            Hucking it in the box is quick and easy and you can do it literally whenever - but you don't get the money until the next morning.

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