my ffa map is unbalanced ?? calling out yok0, and mistakes in my map thread

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    was planning to wait until I more organised before posting this but . . .
    LSA-Quad, means "Land, Sea, Air- all four sides are the same." (not necessarily symmetrical)

    I used to make these back in the day, for advance wars. the idea I'm going for is balance in the value of land, sea, and air. if I'm doing a good job then it should possible to use any realistic strategy on the map.

    if you find any mistakes or inconsistencies in my maps, or have found issues with them, please post here. I am always trying to improve my maps and am happy for ALL criticism.

    full story for the title, someone created a match with my map under the title FFA, and Yok0 decided to make another FFA calling the first FFA "unbalanced." I would like to know why.

    going to start giving hints and tips for my maps

    a general tip for pretty much all of the LSA-Quads, these maps can get bogged down real easy. defend on land and attack from sea. the additional resources you can gain from the villages in the center can turn the tide if you control all of them.
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      noting, this is a general "things wrong with" or "things I would like for" topic. also PLEASE mention if I messed up with any mistakes in making the 4 "quads" correct. I've noticed and fixed a number of them myself and would appreciate any comment on any side different from others.

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