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    To start it off, me and my 3 friends have been playing MP ever since it came out about a week ago and have been having a blast. I always knew Stardew needed MP and now that we have it I'm very happy.

    But here are the bugs, exploits and so forth I've found

    - When coming into an area where someone is fishing, they will appear to be fishing at the start of the area and then zap back to where they are actually standing after catching a fish (only affects the one coming into the area)
    - If multiple people interact with objects such as: (Kegs, Preserve Jars, Tappers, Furnaces etc) all at the same time, each person can get a copy of whatever item was produced
    - I cannot use the community center "view" from the inventory, it brings up the window but only displays the Crafts Room, does not let me tab to the others and I cannon inspect the bundles.
    - On floor 100 of the mines, me and my party used the synchronized click on the treasure (like I mentioned above) and everyone (except me) got a starfruit. For significant loot such as that may I recommend that everyone gets one for sure, whether that is through mail or the chest being clickable for each person individually
    - Profession bonuses, (such as fishing lvl 5: fish sell for 25% more) doesn't actually generate more money. While the extra % shows up for the person with the skill, the extra money is not actually added to the total.
    (I'm going to assume that it only works if the host is the one with the skill.)

    I will update this if I discover more
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      My wife and I were both attacking a slime with an item. She got a small glow ring and I got a club

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