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Bug/Issue My hoe dissapeared (probably after getting a stardrop)

Discussion in 'Support' started by luxudor, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. luxudor

    luxudor Space Hobo

    I'm not sure what happened as I didn't notice that it went missing untill the next time I was going to use it, but after searching for solutions for a bit, I noticed other people having similar issues. It seems like the tool you are currently holding can be consumed together with the stardrop when you get it from your wife. I tried going forward a few days, as I heard that tools should get sent in the mail if they are missing, but it didnt work. That could be because I have other hoes (unupgraded) lying around in other huts, as I played a bit multiplayer before. I'll probably just use one of them, since it seems like the only option I have, but it's a bit sad having to use so much money to upgrade it again. Just sharing this so that it hopefully gets fixed in the future.

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