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Bug/Issue My husband dont want any children

Discussion in 'Support' started by Iffydust, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Iffydust

    Iffydust Starship Captain

    So I married Sam, we have been together for a month now and I have maxed his hearts out and talk to him everyday and gift him pizza that he loves. I tried going to bed before him between 5pm to 10 pm for days tried diffrent times to see if his feeling up for it, but no. I'm stalking him throu the day to see if his more up for making babies on daytime, doesnt help so far. What am I missing or doing wrong?

    Just dont know how to make him want children with me, why wont he love me?! :nurusad:
    I know he has reasons to doubt me, since I was considering Sebastien til the last minut running between them with the mermaid amulet in the bar. Plus I kinda with on that boat trip with Elliot, the day before the wedding, but he has'nt said anything about it so I dont think he knows. But I havet talk to anyone for 2 weeks, I only interacted with him all day. I dont even pet my farm animals cuz I dont want to anger him. It's soon fall on my secound year, Gramps gonna scold me cuz Sam wont put out:nuruconfused:

    What to do?
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    • rneira

      rneira Big Damn Hero

      It happened to me too with Elliott, sadly the only solution I know is patience, where it took Elliott 3 MONTHS to ask me for kids, but he eventually did. It seems to only happen at random. Do you have the third house upgrade? If you don't, they won't ask, you need that and the nursery first. Also, while it isn't shown on the relationships page, you can get your spouse to 13/12 hearts (or at least, that happened to me, where I moused over the icon by the lower right corner of my spouse's portait, where it said 13/12 hearts), maybe only having 12 is what's causing it?
      • Morichinatsu

        Morichinatsu Space Spelunker

        You'll need to give him another flower bouquet after you marry him. That tells your spouse you want to have kids and then you can get the message asking if you want to.
        • cpevors

          cpevors Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          I have also found that going to bed BEFORE your spouse doesn't always trigger the dialogue. When I was married to Harvey, I had to go to bed super late one night (i.e. after 1am), and he asked me if we should have a kid.

          If going to bed early doesn't work for you, maybe try going to bed super late?

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