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My ideas for the ideal Starbound

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by FrankoBoi, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. FrankoBoi

    FrankoBoi Space Spelunker

    Hi Starbounders here are my ideas for the ideal starbound

    Sorry for my bad english I'm not american

    First of all


    Imagine that you can do an amazing special attack with the spear or any kind of weapon you are holding
    to get this specials skill you should travel to every kind of village to find the masters of this skills

    I think the ship when upgraded doesn't have to be only for space but efficiency
    like imagine that you have a chip in your head (of your character) and you can control the ship and other functions of it
    Also that you can teleport at any place of the current planet you staying when your ship is fully upgraded

    Right now the when you have people at your ship is pretty much useless yeah some of them gave you buffs but they are useless in combat it could be cool that they have their own unique skills depending on their own race and role

    Matter manipulator
    For me its a little odd to find manipulator modules in any chest you find in every planet but it could be a little cooler to see in the background sky some kind of shuttle crashing in the current planet you are on
    beside that when the matter manipulator fully upgraded it could mine blocks a lot faster or a little faster if you are using some kind of fuel or manipulator modules

    Mechs are great but in my opinion it could be a lot cooler that you have to upgrade your mech with materials and better tech than mechs parts
    and yeah the mech parts could be only cosmetics or it could have unique abilities like the cyclops it could tell you a lot sooner when a enemy its getting closer
    And yeah you could upgrade the mech parts


    History in starbound
    isn't bad i think but it could be better like when you finish the main mission you could be bad or good like if you wanna revive the ruin or be the new founder of the protectorate

    Side missions
    It could be fun to have side missions with cutscenes like have races with other races or my favorite is that a mad scientist that he created the doom cannon and he wants to make more weapons

    World generation

    The world generation is great but the thing is that the most hostile planets are the ones that are the hostile looking ones i think the way to go is that every planet can be hostile at the extreme but with changes at the environment this is to have variety in the planet generation

    Giga Dungeons
    if you have watch treasure planet then you know where i am going
    if you haven't well imagine a planet that is a dungeon and to get to the good stuff (treasure) at the core of the planet you have to beat mini bosses and the big boss

    well thats it for now if you have ideas tell me

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