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What is your favorite so far?

  1. Scarabs FTW!

  2. Can't wait to get my Deathclaw Army!

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  3. The Bound is Awesome!

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  5. NONE! YOU SUCK COW MANURE! *Troll face*

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  6. I love them all!

  1. Lennon1398

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    This thread may also feature bosses or (Most likely not) Races but mostly random creatures. I'm going to put in a few references as well but most will be my ideas. TLR stands for Threat Level Requirement and is based as though the level is 1-100.


    The Bound - A very mysterious creature that is made of chains, the chains seem to be orbiting something...
    Spawn rate: Incredibly Rare Spawn conditions: Desert (0.9%)/Lava (0.8%)/Ocean (0.3%)/Forest (0.5%, only at night) TLR: 65+ Health: Very High Speed: Medium Attack Power: Very high (Contact with the "body" itself will deal nearly enough damage to kill) Drops: Dark Matter Sample, Chains, Black Hole Sample

    Deathclaw - The most well known and dangerous creature from the Fallout games.
    Spawn Rate: Incredibly Rare Spawn Conditions: Desert (0.7%)/Forest (0.3%) planets, spawns in groups of 3-8 TLR: 85+ Health: Very High Speed: Very Fast (about 175% normal player speed) Attack Power: Deadly, Ignores armor, Can lunge at the player, will attack anything other then another Deathclaw Drops: Deathclaw Hand and Deathclaw Egg (The egg could be incubated to help with how difficult it is to capture one alive)

    Scarab Beetle - A small bug that is not a threat alone but often is found in swarms (5-9).
    Spawn Rate: Uncommon Spawn Conditions: Desert Underground (23%) TLR: 20- Health: Insanely Low (1-Shot by any weapon) Speed: Fast (110% Player speed) Attack Power: Low Drops: Scarab Shell, Scarab Charm, Scarab Statue (Very small)

    Scarab Queen - The source of Scarab Beetle spawns. Once you kill a Queen, Scarabs will stop spawning for 23 days (In game) Spawn Rate: Rare Spawn Conditions: Desert Underground (2%, Holding a Scarab Shell angers the Queen and causes her spawn rate to rise to 11% while holding a Scarab Charm will cause her to never spawn and scarabs turn neutral. This is not done magically but the queen is smart enough to understand the shape of the charm and sees it as you are worshiping them) TLR: 20- Health: Very High Speed: Slow Attack Power: Very High Drops: Scarab Altar and Scarab's Curse

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