Mysterious Party Mission GLITCHED HELP!!!

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  1. Itchy420

    Itchy420 Space Hobo

    Me and my friends were playing starbound, fighting the spider boss in the mysterious party mission when one of us we died and couldn't defeat the boss. So my friend had died and was teleporting back to me and whilst he was teleporting, I died as well. When I teleported back to my friend again, the spider had web sorrounding her in the middle of the room. We tried attacking it and slowly it's health went down until it said it had no health left. We fought it a bit longer and nothing happened. The mission wasn't completed and we couldn't teleport back to our ships so we had to kill ourselves on the spikes to get back. We can't move on in the main quests without completing this one. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  2. Ferociousfiend

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    Can't you select to revisit the quest in the missions ran? Just avoid dying next time ;3

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