RELEASED Natural-Toned Birch Cabins (.xnb - Plank Cabin Replacer) 1.3.x

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Regeta, May 28, 2018.

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  1. Regeta

    Regeta Void-Bound Voyager

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    Better Birch

    This is my first mod, so it's unforunately in .xnb format since the house mod it's based off of is also .xnb for some reason. I did this as a quick rework.

    Better Birch is the main file.
    Natural-Toned Birch is the mod this is based off of. It has the ugly plants for Tier1 though.

    For my mod, I shrunk down the house mod "Natural Toned Birch Houses" & put it into Cabin form. I then removed tvisland's ugly plants & replaced them with better looking vanilla art. Overall, the mod this is based off of is just a recoloring of the vanilla house with tvisland's new door & window & ugly plants, and my work just squishes the vanilla recoloring into cabin form & remove the ugly plants and replaces them with different vanilla art for the exterior T1 - T3 cabins.

    Be sure to download the original house mod to match! (Uploaded for convenience; Natural-Toned Birch

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    • Regeta

      Regeta Void-Bound Voyager

      Updated the mod.

      • Removed tvisland's ugly plants & replaced them with much better vanilla artwork.
      • Added more variation between Tier1, Tier2, and Tier3.
      May update more in the future by removing the door/window to remove all traces of the unethical/unstable original mod author's work.
      Don't be a hypocrite & don't claim recoloring of the vanilla art is your original work.
      This is a severe edit of a recoloring of vanilla house artwork. All rights belong to
      Chuckelfish, the vanilla artist & game creator.

      Remember that the modding scene is about sharing & joy.

      Remember that gaming & modding is all about Fun & Entertainment, and all rights to this game belong to Chucklefish!


      Despite being derived from a mod that is almost entirely just a recoloring of the vanilla house from Chucklefish, this mod was deleted from Nexusmods. The absurdity & anti-modder nazi-like attitude over there resulted in me deleting all my mods & making this my mod's only home. Now I see why Nexus gets such a bad reputation & are seen as nazi's & irrational egotistical lunatics. In the end, Nexus' rotten attitude & anti-mod attitude which betrays everything the modding scene is about (sharing & fun of the original game's work), only seeks to drive AWAY modders. I am a full time game developer myself, but instead of getting more invested into the modding scene with my programming skills, I instead am now deterred away entirely from every putting in any work because the attitude of so many mod authors is so disgusting.

      Please, as a courtesy to Chucklefish, do not recolor their vanilla artwork, add a single door, and then claim the entirety of the artwork is your original work.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Chucklefish deserves 100% of the credit of their original artwork & if Chucklefish is anything like Bethesda, then they own 100% of every mod to their own game which is uploaded anywhere on the internet.

      Give credit where credit is due: Chucklefish's vanilla artwork is beautiful, and recoloring it doesn't make it your own original work like tvisland over at NexusMod claims. (And if it does make it his original work, then my much greater edit would be original work, which I claim it is NOT. Chucklefish gets 100% credit.)

      Don't be trolls & lunatics. Share! Create! Have Fun!

      It should always be all about the Game. Not about some weird user's ego. Do whatever you want with any mod I ever make for Stardew Valley or Bethesda Games. Not credit ever necessary, but please do have FUN!
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      • Regeta

        Regeta Void-Bound Voyager

        Updated to add a version where the Tier2 cabin is Tier 1-3. IMO it's the best looking version.


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        • The | Suit

          The | Suit Agent S. Forum Moderator

          There are quite a few things wrong with your presumptions.

          1. Chucklefish is only the Publisher - Concerned Ape ( Eric Barone ) and his artists are the ones who owns the assets.
          2. It is more than a simple recolor - the user did take time and effort to make it.
          3. You do need that users permissions to make any changes to their mod if you want to distribute it your self.
          4. You are only free to make changes for your own private use if you do not have permission.

          Before making any claims try and ask one of the staff.
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