Modding Help Naver Mod Help, Please?(Solved)

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Shipping_Nightmare, Feb 22, 2021.

  1. Shipping_Nightmare

    Shipping_Nightmare Void-Bound Voyager

    So, I found this body type and I love it already.
    The problem just is with getting the sleeves, I have tried making an account twice and it has never worked. I tried signing up for the cafe, never has worked. These are the two sleeves for the mod and if someone has an account and could get it and send the files for the sleeves to me or help me with getting these I would be so so grateful!

    Again, thank you in advance to anybody that can help me! I seriously owe you and it means the world! Sorry if this is a lot to ask, if it is, you don't have to help and I'm so sorry!

    I since have gotten help from a huge sweetie and this problem is now obsolete, thank you to them!
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    • r0sn

      r0sn Lucky Number 13

      I've been trying to find cute portraits and sprites for Stardew, and all the nicest ones I've seen are on Naver that I can't access!
      can I ask how you were able to solve your problem???
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      • harospex

        harospex Master Chief

        aah, i also really want sleeves mods,,
        how did you get them?
        • sleepycakes

          sleepycakes Void-Bound Voyager

          i'm going to second this :^(
          i managed to get the girls sleeves with the help of someone online but i still cant get the male farmer sleeves to work, does anyone have those?
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          • harospex

            harospex Master Chief

            could you also send the girls sleeves to me? if you want ;;
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            • r0sn

              r0sn Lucky Number 13

              I need the sleeves too ;w;
              • Intoner Alice

                Intoner Alice Space Hobo

                Hello, I'm here for the same. Been trying to get the female sleeves for some time ;_; If you can send them I would appreciate it a lot!
                • Rarecat

                  Rarecat Intergalactic Tourist

                  can you send it to me if you have it pls? i've been looking everywhere
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                  • herkawaiidramas

                    herkawaiidramas Void-Bound Voyager

                    please DM me
                    edit: I can help with the sleeves :)
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                    • Kyuuuweiz

                      Kyuuuweiz Space Hobo

                      I've tried downloading anything from the blog but it doesn't seem to work. Can anybody share with me the files as well? Thanks in advance!
                      • 420Illusions

                        420Illusions Intergalactic Tourist

                        I've been trying to download portraits and sprite characters from there for 3 days now. I just want all of the portraits and sprite characters from a person named Ador/아도르. How did you get into the website to get that?
                        • ashashashie

                          ashashashie Yeah, You!

                          I really want to dm you but I'm new to this forum and I don't know how to message people ;-;
                          • momokitea

                            momokitea Intergalactic Tourist

                            I'd really love it if I can have the sleeves too.. TT if anyone can help, I'd really, really appreciate it.
                            • herkawaiidramas

                              herkawaiidramas Void-Bound Voyager

                              Just click on my name and click start a conversation
                              • lxnlan

                                lxnlan Intergalactic Tourist

                                i always wanted to have the sprites and the portraits that they use, but i can't join to the community
                                i also would like to have the sleeves too Q.Q if it's not too much could someone send them to me?
                                • LostInMygalaxy

                                  LostInMygalaxy Space Spelunker

                                  ^ same here, I already tried to sign up in the cafe but never works, can someone send me too?
                                  • ceeceecutiepie

                                    ceeceecutiepie Orbital Explorer

                                    Ive been trying all day i actually did manage to get them when they were up but i deleted them on accident and now nothing on naver is available . Tried making an account a few times to no avail
                                    • Unicorn64

                                      Unicorn64 Void-Bound Voyager

                                      for the peeps still asking

                                      Moderator edit: files removed because redistribution is prohibited by the original author
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                                      • bugsprouts

                                        bugsprouts Yeah, You!

                                        hii! do you possibly have these in xnb files? or could you explain how i can install these into my game? :( thank u so much!!
                                        • cozybunny

                                          cozybunny Yeah, You!

                                          could someone please send me the female sleeves?

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