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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Dracoxpe, Dec 3, 2020.

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    So I'm making a mod for Starbound that adds the weapons, wallrunning and sliding from Titanfall 2.

    Here's a link to it on Gamebanana, I will publish it to Steam also when it is finished:

    So anyway, I need help understanding the following:
    • How to make vanilla NPCs sell my custom items
    • How to make custom techs. Head and body techs will be used for sliding and wallrunning, it will substitute the ball and dash techs.
    • How to animate the player's body when performing tech abilities (similar to the Default Dance mod). Reason for this is that drawing the slide and wallrun animations would mean adding support for hundreds of custom species which I just can't do, so rig animations are the only option.
    • How to make custom crafting recipes. I want players to be able to make these weapons.
    • How to make bullets follow a target (for the Archer middle launcher) and make hold-button firing weapons similar to the hammer (used for Charge Rifle).
    I also need artists to help draw some of the guns. Some of the weapons I've had a particularly hard time with are the L-STAR.

    My plans for the more ambitious additions:

    The Archer will play a lockon sound when unholstered, when fired will play the rocket launcher firing sound from Titanfall, play a reload sound, and then replay the lockon sound.

    The Kraber, Triple Take, Mozambique and RE-45 are already completed as they were the least complicated weapons to make, however the Kraber and mosambique are too big compared to the Triple Take, so I may need to downscale the Kraber sprite and adjust it's bounding box.

    The techs will use custom animations as described above. Wallrunning will use the hand closet to the wall (left hand if facing right, right hand when facing left) and bend it behind the player while dragging the feet back a bit to look as if you are pushing off the wall. The main hand on the other side away from the wall will be untouched so weapons may occupy it, including two handed weapons. (In Titanfall, pilots briefly take one hand off of their weapons to grip onto walls when sliding). The dash replacement (slide) will use a simple tilt animation that slides the body and legs back to look as if they are pushing against the floor, while the head is tilted forward to look where the player is moving.

    Most of this has not yet been implemented. You can view the progress of the mod on its todo page:][status]=any&vl[filters][priority]=any


    Constructive criticism in the comments will be considered and appreciated. <3
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  2. icegriffon

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    Adding more nice content, especically from a popular title, will always find its customer I believe.
    Replacing vanilla techs, I'm not sure...I wouldn't. Some people may prefer vanilla ones, there would better be a choice.

    Maybe I could help with drawing weapons. Not that I'm any good at it, but I'm available at the moment, and maybe I will do some custom weapons in the future, so I could use some training :)

    Examples of my sprite fiddling so far:
    Smartgun from Aliens
    M41 pulse rifle, taken from a mod and redone
    Blaster from Terminator (bunker scene)
    PKM machine gun (based on a machine gun from weapon mod)
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  3. Dracoxpe

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    Ah, I should probably clarify that what I meant was to add it as an additional option. The vanilla tech should still be available. :nuruhappy:

    Outside help is always appreciated, currently the only artists working on this are me and my friend over on GB.
  4. icegriffon

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    My fault maybe, I probably did not catch the difference between "substitute" and "replace".
    So, tell me what you need to be drawn when you need it, I'll see what I can come up with.

    Weird, the post time states that you replied several hours ago, yet I was only able to see the post now...
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