Need texture ideas for marble blocks!

Discussion in 'Blocks and Crafting' started by Ickura, Apr 30, 2017.

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    What can I say? I'm kind of a big fan of Roman or Greek architecture.

    I'm making a mod that adds in a butt load of marble blocks, and furniture.
    But what I am really picky about is the right texture for a basic white and blue-ish marble, kind of like carrara.
    I'm more interested in a smooth light marble with a good vein pattern than an old and dusty grayish ones.

    And for goodness sake I'm not looking for bathroom tiles.

    Here's an example of a marble design that I would love from Terraria:
    The big white chunky stuff is the marble

    With the current engine in Starbound and the limited resources I have, I think making a similar vein pattern to this would be impossible, plus i'm too poor to afford a better pixel designing program like Aseprite, I am using a free online one called Piskel.

    One other issue that I face is getting the texture to "fit" with Starbound's design. To me the texture they made are kind of simplistic yet complex at the same time, hard to paraphrase really.

    Overall I need some help designing the sprite for smooth marble, especially the veins.

    Anyone got any ideas or some sprites they could share to me?
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  2. FlyingFloran

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    (I do apologize if this is thread necromancy.)

    MS Paint works as a suitable alternative to Asesprite, though, it can't save transparent things. If you don't like MS Paint, I'd suggest either Paint.Net (more or less MS Paint with layers and a configurable interface, from what I know) or Drawpile (Drawpile is more for drawing with other people, but works just fine as a standalone program.)

    Humorously enough, I was actually going to suggest a sort of texture based on a marble cake. While that might (theoretically) be an okay idea, I could try and design a texture or three for you.

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