Boss Nemesite (Multi-player only)

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    Boss Name: Nemesite ( combination of Nemesis and Parasite or the ending of a sciencey word meaning "Minerals.")

    Health & Forms: Nemesite Crystal Deposit: 5,985,359hp, Nemesite Behemoth: 190,598,535,900hp ( Destroy the Crystal deposit to summon the behemoth), Nemesite Head:800,535hp ( NOTE: you cannot kill head & Behemoth at same time)

    How to Summon: Find a planet orbiting a black hole & dive into its core via dungeon.

    Risk: High (Bring a squad of 25 or more)

    Reward: Nemesite's Horn [100% drop, once per boss] (Monster Bone 2-handed weapon, damage ??? speed 1.5, DPS 1000+), Black Sun Gravi-gun [10% drop] (??? Technology 2-handed gun, damage ??? Speed 8.5, DPS 1000+, vacume), Nemesite Ore [100% drop] (needed to make Nemesite Plate set) {can only be smelted in Black-Hole Forge}, Black-Hole Forge [100% drop, one per person] (drops 1 per toon upon defeat.)

    Skills: Vacuum: Tries to inhale all blocks and enemies in front of him. Super-massive Bolder: Lunches a large, gravitised bolder in one direction.( used after Vacuum) Black Crystal Beam: Destroys torches and other light sorceress then shots black rays in all directions.( cannot see rays in a darken room). Rampage: Runs around the room attempting to flatten enemies.

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