New Custom Map: Hook Islands

Discussion in 'Custom Content' started by Angel of Purity, Apr 7, 2020.

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    Hello ladies and gentlemen! I'm Angel of Purity! I just transferred and redesigned one of my map that I originally made on Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. This is actually my first map uploaded, and I'd REALLY appreciate feedback if your interested. The map is NOT designed for competitive multiplayer; It's designed to be a unique scenario for players on either 4 sides of the map.

    There are a few events that I've coded in to make things interesting, and, "balanced." Here's a quick breakdown...
    1. All non-village structures receive HALF damage from all sources.
    2. All commanders, when groove is EXACTLY 100%, gain 20% damage reduction, but if it's LESS THAN 100%, their
    damage reduction bonus returns to normal (This is designed to reward players for holding onto their grooves).
    3. Each player starts the match with a cherrystone next to their central command and primary barracks. The cherrystone has 50%
    damage reduction, and REGENERATES 10% of it's HP at the beginning of the current player's turn.
    4. This map does NOT work with AI, as the computer players have not been programs to use barges or balloons...
    5. Maybe I'll add decorations... maybe...

    The play code is, "4ACTJF7A"

    I understand this map could take FOREVER with other players... Unless you have the time and are enjoying it, I suggest you either play till a single player is eliminated, or play in teams of two.

    If there are any concerns, bugs, or suggestions, please message me privately via the Chucklefish messenger, NOT the forum itself!

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