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New Drone/Item Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seria-Myouna, May 7, 2013.

  1. Seria-Myouna

    Seria-Myouna The Last Moderator IRC Operator

    Post your suggestions for new Drones and Passive/Active items here:

    • We won't really have a comprehensive list of items until the beta comes out and we unlock all of them, but try not to mimic the properties of Extant items or Drones.
    • Drones should have persistent but somewhat minor effects by themselves. Include a Cost of Activation, as shown below.
    • Active Items should have a significant effect on the outcome of a battle, but their cooldowns don't necessarily have to be incredibly long if their effect isn't as major as other items.
    • Posts should be suggestions. No posting about other people's posts or this will become very messy.
    • Feel free to make your own threads, I'm just making this to consolidate information and make the Dev's lives easier.
    Battle Stim[Tier 2 Passive]:
    • When you kill an enemy, you gain a temporary, stacking boost to movement speed. Killing enemies does not refresh the duration of stacks.
    Scavenger's Pack[Active]:
    Cooldown: 45s
    • When activated, all enemy corpses on screen are forced to yield additional coins and EXP. This effect can only occur once per corpse.
    Minelayer Drone[Drone]:
    Activation Cost: +++++
    (+++++ would be the same cost as a gunner drone, +++++ is about the same cost as a battle drone.)
    Health: +++++
    Regen Rate: +++++
    Damage/Effect: +++++
    • Drops a mine every 3 seconds while enemies are nearby. Mines take .5 seconds to arm and deal 200% damage to enemies in a small radius when triggered.
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    • Shrooblord

      Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

      I love these threads.

      Deadman's Gloves[Tier 1 Passive]:
      • Item has a chance to inflict the Cursed state upon an enemy. Cursed enemies are gradually slowed and bleed damage for 5-20% of the player's base damage per bleed hit. The Cursed state fades after 5-10s.
      • Enemies killed while Cursed leave corpses that emanate some kind of spectral matter. Another item is needed to yield the benefits of this. These corpses fade after 40-70s.
      Eye of the Eagle[Tier 3 Passive]:
      • The item randomly spots a target and marks said target with an eye icon. Dealing damage to the enemy increases your current attack damage stat by 5% of the damage dealt. This effect stacks and lasts 3-5s per stack.
      Brain in a Jar[Active]:
      Cooldown: 35s
      • When activated, all enemy corpses on screen marked with the Cursed status effect (shown by ghastly clouds emanating from them) will rise from the dead as familiars who attack other enemies. The familiars have 30% of their original maximum health and deal 40-60% of the player's base damage to enemies upon attack.
      Fireman's Drone[Drone]:
      Activation Cost: +++++
      Health: +++++
      Regen Rate: +++++
      Damage/Effect: +++++
      • Rolls up to enemies and starts expelling singing flames that Ignite enemies and have a chance to set the floor Alight. [Ignites + Sets Floor Alight]
      • Restarter000

        Restarter000 Intergalactic Tourist

        Growing Guard: Tier 2 passive. Stealing Battle Stim idea ;D On taking damage the next damages are reduced by a flat amount, maybe Percentage so it's useful on all difficulties... Image of like a green shield with vines growing on it or something.

        Generic extra gold passive: Gives a generic % increase in gold on killing enemies. Lol generic
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        • Nixeras

          Nixeras Subatomic Cosmonaut

          Napalm Strike[Active]:

          Cooldown: 45s
          • When activated, fires red missiles that seek out enemies much like the normal launcher, however each missile ignites the enemy and the ground beneath as well. Missiles tick for the same amount of damage as normal missiles, flames deal 100% dps.
          Spore Burst[Active]:

          Cooldown: 25s
          • When activated, tosses out a cloud of poisonous spores. Enemies that remain in the cloud take 200% damage per second.
          Regeneration Matrix[Active]:

          Cooldown: 40s
          • When activated, increases health regeneration by a massive amount for 10 seconds, health regen gets boosted even further after taking heavy damage during this time.
          Orbital Cannon[Active]:

          Cooldown: 60s
          • When activated the mouse cursor turns into a targeting reticle, click to set down a beacon which after 4 seconds will call down a heavy damage orbital laser. This will deal 400% damage per half second for 3 seconds (6 ticks) to anything in the blast column. The laser is strong enough to pierce floating platforms and so only horizontal aiming is required.
          • ThatCAT

            ThatCAT Master Chief

            Wooden Shield [Tier 1 Passive]:
            • Blocks a percentage of the next damage you receive, provided it would deal less than 20-25% of your current or maximum health. (Internal CD to avoid global reduction for fire damage/spores)
            Odd Memento [Tier 1 Passive]:
            • Whenever struck you have a 15% chance to find a healing orb, experience, a coin or even all three.
            Scrap Metal Bracers [Tier 2 Passive]:
            • Striking a bleeding opponent has a chance to poison them for X% damage/time and increases their susceptibility to poison and toxic damage.
            Speckled Mold [Tier 2 Passive]:
            • When struck you have a chance to emit a small burst of spores that slowly fall to the ground. Creatures that pass through this cloud take 10% poison damage/second. Stacks of the item alternate bonus damage and spore range/duration.
            Stardust Pouch [Tier 3 Passive]:
            • Attacks have a 5-8% chance to drop a meteoroid on a random target, dealing 375% at the point of striking and 120/250% to a small/medium area.
            Strangely Familiar Cloak [Tier 3 Passive]:
            • Whenever struck you gain a 3% chance to dodge the next attack (even Cremator/Vagrant projectiles). You will continue to gain stacks until you dodge an attack, in which all stacks are lost.
            Repulsion Drone [Drone]:
            Activation Cost:+++++
            Regen Rate:+++++

            • Pushes back enemies in/near melee range that you're currently facing, stunning them briefly. Smaller targets are stunned longer by the force.
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            • MisterS42

              MisterS42 Void-Bound Voyager

              Midas Touch [Tier 2 Passive]:
              • The amount of gold you have in your inventory increases damage dealt, 10g per 1%
              • Restarter000

                Restarter000 Intergalactic Tourist

                Lol there's a passive called Golden Gun and it does exactly this with exact same percentage to gold, maxed at 70%, but pretty interesting you made one up that exists.
                • TheVirus

                  TheVirus Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  Shield Drone[Drone]:
                  Activation Cost: +++++
                  Health: +++++
                  Regen Rate: +++++
                  Damage/Effect: +++++
                  Rarity: Very

                  • Surrounds the player with a shield. The shield can either: absorb damage, reflect projectiles/damage, repulse enemies. These are tough bots that can take a beating but are extremely expensive to repair.
                  Health Pack[Active]:
                  Cooldown: N/A
                  • Converts Gold to HP. Hold down G to heal yourself. Amount can be tied to current difficulty (higher difficulty heals less/uses more gold). Play testing would be required to find a proper balance of HP per gold, but it should be rather low.
                  Got Your Back[Tier 2 Passive]:
                  • Every basic attack grants a certain percentage (5% or so) of the same attack originating from the back of the player. For example, if you shoot with the Commando, you'll randomly shoot behind you as well as in front of you.
                  Panic Button[Active]:
                  Cooldown: 45s
                  • Activating this will teleport the player to a different area of the map. This area may or may not benefit the player (hopefully it won't trap them in a place where they can't get out of).
                  Cooldown: 75s
                  • N.O.P.E., or Negating Original Player Enemies, converts all 'champion' versions of enemies on the screen to their regular counterparts.
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                  • MisterS42

                    MisterS42 Void-Bound Voyager

                    That is CRAZY! Well needless to say I'm happy about it... haha
                    • Shrooblord

                      Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

                      I imagined the flamethrowing Drone just to discover there already is one in the game, too! :p
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                      • Ifrit

                        Ifrit Starship Captain

                        Hmm right now the only item Idea I have is something like:

                        The Bank:
                        Keep hold of 25% of your money after going to the next level
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                        • Seria-Myouna

                          Seria-Myouna The Last Moderator IRC Operator

                          Mobile Teleporter[Active]:
                          Cooldown: 60s
                          • When activated, release a miniature teleport pad that locks onto your character. Activate again to return to the beacon wherever you are on the map.
                          • Cooldown begins when you teleport, not when you drop the pad.
                          • Mini-teleport pad is destroyed when changing levels to avoid issues.
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                          • Shrooblord

                            Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

                            Haha imagine warping back to the previous level.
                            "Screw you guys, I'm going home!"

                            The Disc[Tier1 Passive]:
                            • Occassionally, enemies have a chance of seeing the accursed Disc, Fearing them.

                            Thor's Hammer[Tier2 Passive]:
                            • Thor's Hammer has a 2-6% chance to 'fall on' enemies hit by a basic attack, damaging them for 130% and Slowing them 100%.
                            • Item has excellent synergy with the Ukelele; its effects are also affected by the random chance Electrification the Ukelele may give off.

                            Arsonist's Dream[Active]:
                            Cooldown: 45s
                            • Upon activation, all enemies are set Alight, Bleeding HP and setting the floor on fire behind them, additionally damaging other enemies. This effect wears off after 3-5s.
                            • Zone Spyker

                              Zone Spyker Aquatic Astronaut

                              Refurbished implant[Tier 1 passive]

                              • Deal extra damage equal to your level
                              Stacked deck [Tier 2 passive]

                              • Increases the likelihood of chance items triggering
                              Armageddon theorem [Tier 3 passive]
                              • chance on hit to create a vacuum that damages and draws creatures towards its center
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                              • Joskineide

                                Joskineide Astral Cartographer

                                I'm not gonna be fancy here, just an item that incresea the crit dmg by like 10%
                                • Cyriel

                                  Cyriel Pangalactic Porcupine

                                  Chaos Orb [Active]
                                  • On use, All on screen enemies save some higher tier elites / bosses will be confused, attacking the nearest enemy for 5 second (less if it turns out OP) High cooldown (on par with mirror), rare to find.
                                  The Redeemer [Active]
                                  • Detonates each on screen corpse for 40% damage explosion and spawns 1 spirit missile (?) per corpse exploded in this fashion. Moderate cooldown (little higher than missile pods) Uncommon find.
                                  Heartless Gravity [Tier 1 passive]
                                  • Reduces falling damage by 15%. Falling from greater heights creates a shockwave that damages for 40%-400%(depending on height) and pushes back enemies.
                                  Last Stand [Tier 2 Passive]
                                  • Losing health increases movement speed, attack speed and attack damage inverse of total health up to 50/50/100% where below 10% = max bonus and below 100% is minimum bonus. Increments every 10% maxhp lost by 5/5/10%
                                  Jack of all trades [Tier 2 passive]
                                  • 1% max hp, damage, movement speed, attack speed, critical hit chance, jump height and active skill cooldown per pickup.
                                  Eyes on the Prize [Tier 3 passive]
                                  • Grants a 3% chance to gain an additional item from a boss monster. Each additional pickup increases by 1.5%. Should probably have a cap.
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                                  • kagenn

                                    kagenn Pangalactic Porcupine

                                    Cupcake Decoy [Active]:

                                    Cooldown: 45s
                                    • Spawns a giant cupcake at activation location, drawing all enemies (excluding bosses) within a certain radius towards the cupcake. Enemies will be drawn to the decoy for 4 seconds. At the end of the duration, the decoy self-destructs dealing 450% damage to enemies. Enemies not killed by the blast becomes enraged: movement speed increased by 15% and deals 10% extra damage. This effect wears off after X (maybe 5) seconds.
                                    Parasitic Chains [Tier 3 passive]
                                    • Attacks have a X% (3% maybe?) chance of creating a chain that links up to 4 enemies near a target. Chained targets cannot move more than X distance from the each other. Only 1 chain may exist at a time, and forcefully breaking the chain (such as a chained enemy falling off a cliff/upon death) triggers (X * number of chained enemies) damage to all remaining chained targets. Additional pickups increase trigger % by 1% and every 3% increments link 1 additional enemy.
                                    • Shrooblord

                                      Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

                                      Wouldn't that severely hinder its usability? Why would I want to have monsters drawn away from me, if the end result is having them increase in strength and speed, so they can just as well catch up to me and kill me in less time?
                                      • kagenn

                                        kagenn Pangalactic Porcupine

                                        I thought it would be an interesting trade off when one uses the decoy, instead of just dumping a decoy and killing all enemies in the area without any repercussions. It would make it a bit too overpowered too seeing how it'll lure enemies for such a long duration of time. Given the 4 seconds, you can also jump to a different platform and climb up to a diff platform before the enemies go hyper. I should add a hyperactive duration as well to balance things off.
                                        • Shrooblord

                                          Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

                                          The thing is, the way I see this item being used, is in very precarious positions when you've got, for example, seven Black Imps chasing you down, followed by a Bison or two and topped off with a swarm of Claymen. Using this could give you a quick 4 seconds to get away, but afterwards you're guaranteed to get absolutely mobbed by everything that it affected. Then is the time I'd decide to never use such an item.
                                          But yes, your point is valid too.

                                          Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh - I just wanted to make clear where I'm coming from.

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