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New Drone/Item Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seria-Myouna, May 7, 2013.

  1. Burby

    Burby Phantasmal Quasar

    I think it could also be a good idea to be able to find some sort of passive item that enhances drones. I'm not thinking of anything that would increase their effects, since I actually think that the general impact they have is perfectly fine. Rather, I'm thinking of items that cause one of the following:
    -absorb some of the damage they take
    -increase their health regeneration
    -tone down the increase in repair costs (this one sounds like the least likely option to me)
    -allow drones to collect health pickups when you don't need them yourself.
    How these items work in combination with yourself can probably be done in different ways. I don't know if the game can register if an enemy dies because of a drone or the player it's with, so that might also change the possibilities to implement them.
    • Restarter000

      Restarter000 Intergalactic Tourist

      Lol Reminds me of in Bastion equipping Falling Malt and Werewhisky. Kill everything by falling off the map! Pretty bad tactic, but it had it's uses.

      Burby is right, we need some drone upgrades!
      • Seria-Myouna

        Seria-Myouna The Last Moderator IRC Operator

        Why not just have the Cupcake Decoy explode after 4-5 seconds for like 400-500% damage? The lantern fears and damages for 10 seconds, so that wouldnt be too overpowered.

        EDIT: Also try to keep discussion of items down to a minimum without also suggesting a new item in the process.

        Shock Drone[Drone]:
        Activation Cost: +++++
        Health: +++++
        Regen Rate: +++++
        Damage/Effect: +++++
        • Shocks a nearby enemy every second, dealing minor shock damage that arcs to every other enemy nearby. Very useful for crowd control.
        • Trenched_Colonel

          Trenched_Colonel Seal Broken

          Just a minor suggestion, one that deals with thematics. The Mitosis item deals with your active item, while the alien head deals with your skills. I think it would just make a wee bit more sense if they were reversed as the mitosis would affect your own cells and therefore your skills. The alien head would then deal with your active item and I don't know I just think that makes a bit more sense. Just a minor tweak.
          • Shrooblord

            Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

            This isn't a suggestion for a new item, but rather a retuning of an existing one. I suggest that the Mirror Image Item doesn't double the damage and effects of your abilities, but rather creates a ghost of your character, who moves on his own accord and uses Abilities (well) on his own accord. This would make it a far more interesting item.
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            • Cyriel

              Cyriel Pangalactic Porcupine

              I gotta agree to some level that mirror right now is absolutely OP compared to some of the other usables. While creating a temporary AI ally would seem like a good idea, what about actually mirroring yourself in that the clone shoots the other way ? That way it's less OP unless you start going inside large mob's hitboxes while still retaining a lot of functionality compared to having an AI that might behave like one and run off / do strange things / waste use item slot

              On that note: Explodo Buddy [Active]

              • Create a decoy with the same amount of health that randomly uses the same skills as the player, but deals reduced damage while turning the player invisible and unable to attack for X seconds. Once the decoy is killed or the invisibility ends, it'll explode for maxhp% dmg. Really high cooldown etc.
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              • Trenched_Colonel

                Trenched_Colonel Seal Broken

                I'm waaaaay too lazy to read through all of these so sorry if one of these is a repeat;

                Emergency Teleport [Active]
                • When activated, sends player to random location on the map out of harms way or potentially to a much worse fate. (See, it's a gamble)
                Long fall Boots [Tier 1 Passive]
                • Falling greater distances = greater crater damage while player takes little to no damage. (Or call them Long drop boots so you don't step on anyone's toes)
                • Cyriel

                  Cyriel Pangalactic Porcupine

                  Heartless gravity :p I suggested that one heh.
                  • Zone Spyker

                    Zone Spyker Aquatic Astronaut

                    Fire shield triggers when you fall and take damage , so having another passive that triggers on falling is redundent
                    • Cyriel

                      Cyriel Pangalactic Porcupine

                      Yes but fire shield / panic mines trigger from damage. This triggers purely from height. The idea is to use 3x jumping height as the minimum modifier thus no damage taken.
                      • Matanui3

                        Matanui3 Phantasmal Quasar

                        The Double-Tapper [passive] (The item sprite would probably be the Commando's helmet or something like that)
                        Each hit of a basic attack ability (Z) counts as an extra hit for the effects of other items (does not deal another attack hit). Each additional stack provides another instance of this effect every 3 to 5 procs.

                        Boombox [passive] (Feel the beat!)
                        Activation of an ability causes a close-ranged pulse dealing a percentage of the abilities total damage (Double Tap, etc only do one pulse, based on the total damage of all shots added together).

                        Endurance Belt [passive]
                        Whenever you would be reduced to 0 hp, you are reduced to 1 instead. After this procs, it has a long cooldown before it can happen again, and during cooldown all healing and regen is reduced.

                        The Equalizer [active]
                        Nearby enemies' current percentage of health become the same as your current percentage of health (this can heal them)
                        5 minute or so cooldown if it can effect bosses, half of that or less if it cannot.

                        Risky Rain-Gauge
                        no actual ideas for this item, but there needs to be one with this name...
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                        • Burby

                          Burby Phantasmal Quasar

                          Wouldn't this duplicate the monster tooth?
                          • Matanui3

                            Matanui3 Phantasmal Quasar

                            Whoops, did not realize that was a thing. Post edited.
                            • Reciful

                              Reciful Orbital Explorer

                              Sorry for not coloring the names the proper colors. I can't tell the difference between the ones you said to use. :p

                              [Murasame - Tier 1 Passive]
                              Critical strikes gain a bonus 20% damage. (This item's too weak for its namesake.)

                              [Resplendence - Tier 2 Passive]
                              Gain a 10% chance to reflect damage from an attack completely. (This gives diminishing returns when stacking. Bonus points if you know where this name's from. Also this should proc items. The effect would look something like the character and affected enemy flashing rainbow.)

                              [Bloodwell - Tier 2 Passive]
                              Killing enemies fills up the Blood Well with blood, up to a cap. When your health reaches <25%, it activates, healing you over time until it is empty. (This item has a cooldown, and the blood gain is basically a percentage of the health of the mob killed. The heal over time is rather significant though. More Blood Wells increases the blood cap. Starting cap would be something like 150 health.)

                              [Executioner's Scissors - Tier 2 Passive]
                              You are guaranteed to crit enemies with under 15% health. (More of these increases the % minimum by 5%, but it diminishes somehow. The effect should be some sort of ethereal scissors slicing the critted enemies.)

                              [Paralyzing Seal - Tier 2 Passive]
                              When killing an enemy, have a chance to place down a seal where it was killed. Seals last for 8 seconds and trigger when an enemy crosses it, stunning enemies in a small radius. (By small, I mean really small. Like, enemies that are stacked on top of each other.)

                              [Rabac's Spool - Tier 3 Passive]
                              Being near enemies tethers threads to them. Every second, tethered enemies are damaged and you are healed for the same amount. The threads break if mobs travel too far away. (More bonus points in my book if you get where the name's from. Additional Spools increases the heal/damage. Also, the heal/mob would have to be REALLY low, something like 2% of your damage.)

                              [Sheepbait - Tier 3 Passive]
                              Critical strikes have a small chance to turn non-boss enemies into harmless sheep for 6 seconds. (This starts at something like 5%.)

                              [Anesthesia - Active]
                              Cooldown: 80s
                              All onscreen enemies are put to sleep, besides bosses. Enemies stay asleep for 20s or until attacked. (This is my attempt at making something that would at least somewhat complement Bustling Fungus.)
                              • Trenched_Colonel

                                Trenched_Colonel Seal Broken

                                A passive that makes explosive attacks do more damage in a greater aoe
                                • Daimera

                                  Daimera Cosmic Narwhal

                                  I'm going to put this here for Betasword, who suggested it, just because I think it's a great idea.

                                  [Jim's Tuber - Tier 1 Passive]
                                  "Nobody knows what the &%*# it does."

                                  Technically it can be named anything, I just couldn't resist a personal insert name as a temporary placeholder.

                                  Around this time last year, I had a dream where I ended up looking at some boxes of tomatoes and then a box of really weird mutant purple root stuff that was called "Jim's Tuber" (I don't know why I remember the name). I clipped a tiny piece off so I could take it home and bury it to see how it grew. The dream fragmented off to something else later. Which involved a huge terrarium/aquarium which basically had a mini Terraria world inside it with an ant-farm-style cutaway. I planted the tuber in it and put up a sign/tombstone that said "Here lies Jim's Tuber. Nobody knows what the &%*# it does" (only not censored). I was notified by someone that I did it wrong, somehow, before I woke up.
                                  So now, whenever I'm presented with a concept of any item that has no apparent use, I like to think of it as Jim's Tuber because of that dream, haha.
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                                  • Event Horizon

                                    Event Horizon Big Damn Hero

                                    [Book of Knowledge - Tier 2 Passive]
                                    Increases amount of XP gained from all sources by 20%

                                    [Tome of Wisdom - Tier 3 Passive]
                                    Decreases amount of XP needed to level by 5%. Diminishing returns are on a scale whereby the limit of the curve is 90%

                                    [Fortress - Tier 3 Passive]
                                    After 2 seconds of standing still (unlike fungus, you can be shooting while standing still), your damage will increase by 1% per second and your resistance will increase by 0.5% per second. Each item after the first increases damage and resistance by 0.5% and 0.25%, respectively. Resistance is capped at 90%. When the resistance cap is met, the extra bonus shifts over to damage [optional]
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                                    • Zadmeir

                                      Zadmeir Star Wrangler

                                      [Mass Amplifier - Tier 3 Passive]
                                      You gain four moons orbiting around your character (or possibly 1 moon per amplifier with a max of like 6). Projectiles explode on contact with the moons, dealing damage to the moon instead of potentially to you. After enough damage is taken, a moon is destroyed (possibly sending shrapnel flying that damages enemies). You gain new moons every few seconds when out of combat.

                                      [Contingency Scroll - Active]
                                      Lasts 10 seconds. Upon taking lethal damage (hp drops to 0), you're healed to 25% life and teleported to a random location on the map.

                                      [Block of Mystery - Active]
                                      When used, gives the character a random Use Item effect, except doubled in potency. (or quadrupled if the Beating Embryo triggers)

                                      [Itchy Trigger Finger - Tier 3 Passive]
                                      You deal additional damage to enemies that have just spawned. For example: For one second after an enemy spawns, any damage you inflict is doubled.

                                      [Sore Loser - Tier 2 Passive]
                                      Whenever you fail to receive an item from a gambling altar, your attack increases by .5. When you receive an item from a gambling altar, the attack increase from this passive is lowered by 1 (minimum 0). Additional passives add .25 attack to the failure increase.
                                      • Stevegasm

                                        Stevegasm Aquatic Astronaut

                                        Broken Supply Beacon [Active]
                                        Upon use, a supply beacon is dropped. After a short delay, a chest comes rocketing in from orbit, damaging and knocking back enemies near the impact zone, and containing a random item.

                                        cool down: 60 seconds

                                        Upgrade Drone [Drone]
                                        Activation cost: ++++
                                        Health: +++
                                        Regen Rate: Passive
                                        Effect ++

                                        Increases damage/effect, regen rate, and health of all other drones (changing the drones' appearances would also be a nice touch)

                                        Upgrades can be stacked, for example, 9 upgrade drones + 1 Laser drone = Godlike Laser drone (For clarity on the amount of effect, any regular drones with two upgrade drones affecting them would be at about the same level as a battle drone. This will probably need to be buffed or nerfed.)

                                        If Upgrade drone is destroyed, upgrades are lost

                                        Upgrade drones cannot upgrade each other to prevent fractal upgrading

                                        Red Headband [Tier 3 Passive]
                                        As percentage of health drops, damage and fire rate increase considerably (your Rambo fantasy isn't complete without a red headband)

                                        Teleporter Remote [Active]
                                        Activates teleporter sequence from anywhere on the map upon use

                                        Cool down: 90 seconds or 120 seconds on hardcore mode

                                        Hunter's Journal [Tier 3 Passive]
                                        Killing a marked enemy will cause its logbook to drop

                                        Monsters are marked randomly and temporarily similar to the hitlist
                                        • Burby

                                          Burby Phantasmal Quasar

                                          This would be immensely overpowered for item farming. An actually slightly balanced cooldown would probably be among the lines of 150-180 seconds for this, and even then it would be very OP simply due to the chance of it containing a tier 3 item.

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