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New Drone/Item Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seria-Myouna, May 7, 2013.

  1. Shrooblord

    Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

    Woah that seems a little scary for when there's a mob of 50 enemies chasing you. Also considering HAN-D's drones are his one sustainable ability for being able to attack whole groups - you can get back out from 10 HP to full health if you're skilled enough -, it seems a little harsh for him to waste all of them before he actually incurs any damage.
    But the idea is nice.
    I'm currently making babby icons for all the items in RoR, so perhaps in co-op you can have a display of who has what item. Or perhaps they can be used in an overall stats-display list of players for online co-op (I'll be sure to make a mockup example of such a screen).

    Crazy Dave's Crazy Ale [Tier 1]
    After performing an attack, the player has a 5% chance to drink a spirit-lifting ale that will allow him to deal more damage! This chance is quadrupled after taking damage.
    The ale leaves the player buffed with Intoxicated Fury, giving him one stack of damage increase, up to a maximum of 5. Stacks deplete to zero after leaving combat (no longer attacking or incurring damage) for five seconds. Stacks passively last 1.5 seconds each before disappearing. The cooldown is refreshed when a new stack is created.
    • Per-stack damage increase:
      + 5% / + 12% / + 22% / + 35% / + 50%

    • Every next pickup of Crazy Dave's Crazy Ale grants the stack boosts an additional + 1% / + 2% / + 3% / + 4% / + 5% respectively.
    • Additionally, every other pickup also grants + 5% / + 8% / + 12% / + 15% / + 20% attack speed increase per stack.
    • Every third pickup of Crazy Dave's Crazy Ale increases the longevity of stacks by 0.2 seconds.
    • Every fifth pickup increases the maximum number of stacks by 1. This additional stack has no further benefits, besides basically increasing the cooldown of the highest stack by the duration of one more stack time-out.

    See this post.
    • The Mortality debuff causes Crazy Dave's Crazy Ale's effects to be buffed by 12%.
    • Becoming debuffed with Drowsiness causes the Ale to have detrimental effects on the player while its stacks are up. Every stack affects the player by reducing movement speed by 15% / reducing healing effects by 10% / reducing armour by 5% / reducing movement speed by 35% / reducing accuracy by 10% (allowing for misses).
    • Being Enranged allows all attacks to have a 15% chance to deal Area of Effect damage.
    • Capped Dreams from the Dreamcatcher of Lost Souls cause the Ale's positive effects to be buffed by 15%, while diminishing the negative effects by 10% for each Dream capped.

    Expunge [Active]
    30 second cooldown
    Causes all Damage over Time effects to be erased, dealing all their intended damage in one go and allowing for new DoTs to take over.
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    • AbeX300

      AbeX300 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      Caravan Phonograph (Active)
      Rock it for me!
      Upon use, everyone (including other players, enemies that have yet to spawn, and bosses) breaks out into dancing, as this music plays.

      A giant robot hovers down into the background, dancing along with the music. All actions, including jumping, attacking, climbing, and such, are still possible by the players and enemies/bosses.

      When the duration/music ends, the dancing stops, and the giant robot flies away.

      Everything that occurs from this item is purely cosmetic.

      Does not naturally drop from usual sources, such as bosses, chests, and large containers. This item can be found by [REDACTED].

      Duration: 180 Seconds
      Cooldown: N/A (Other Active Items can be used just fine while in effect. However, this item can't be reused as the music goes on.)

      This is what happens when you listen to too much Caravan Palace while trying to make an idea.
      • Shrooblord

        Shrooblord Void-Bound Voyager

        Reminds me of this:


        The Grave Beyond [Tier 3]
        Death is only the beginning.

        • Upon killing an enemy, you have a 35% chance to leave behind a grave. Graves last up to two minutes before crumbling to dust. There may be a maximum of three graves on the map at any time.
        • When approaching the dangerous amount of health of 20% remaining max HP, the graves bust open, stunning enemies around them for 2 seconds and summoning the Empowered Ghosts of those whose bodies were buried under them. They also bring forth the souls of the defeated, which rush towards the player, granting them 10% of their max HP back instantly and giving them 175% increased Health Regen for 6 seconds.
        • Empowered Ghosts have 200% of the killed creature's maximum health and deal 150% of its damage. They may be Champions too, if their dead bodies were once Champions. These Ghosts last for 30 seconds each.

        • Every second pickup of The Grave Beyond increases the stats of the Empowered Ghosts by increasing max HP by 10% and increasing damage dealt by 15%.
        • Every other pickup increases the maximum number of graves by 1 and increases the Ghosts' lifespan by 5 seconds.
        • joey4track

          joey4track Ketchup Robot

          Wow, there are some really great ideas here, I can't believe I haven't looked through this thread before. Anyway, this is more of a general suggestion to add co-op only items that act as support and are only useful in multiplayer.

          For example: Commanders Cap- Boosts armor(or attack/speed etc..) to other players in a radius around the wearer.

          Stuff like that :)

          I've never heard of this Caravan Palace but man these guys are freaking awesome, thank you :cool:
          • bounding star

            bounding star Existential Complex

            Universal Transactions[Tier 3]
            Universal Transactions.png This electronic savings account will convert money into all known currencies in the galaxy. It retains 10% of your gold at the end of a level into the next level. Adds another 0.5 of the effect per stack.

            PS. I think someone came up with a similar idea before but there was never a formal suggestion.
            • bounding star

              bounding star Existential Complex

              Promise Necklace[Tier 3]
              Promise Necklace.png An ancient necklace that represent an unbreaking promise. This reduces the diminishing effect on all other stacks, including ones you have when you obtain this item.
              • P.Alex

                P.Alex Industrial Terraformer

                Thunderclap [Boss Drop] (possible drop for Giant Stone Golem)

                Basic attacks gain a small chance to summon two giant hands around the hit target, slamming into each other and dealing significant damage. Causes ministun. Stacking causes the event to pop up more often, the hands to speed up and/or the distance to the hit target to increase to possibly hit more enemies in the process.
                • Vernalex

                  Vernalex Poptop Tamer

                  The issue I have with drones is that they to be destroyed too easily in later levels when the hordes arrive and I can't possibly keep up with repairs.
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                  • Mewtiger

                    Mewtiger Space Spelunker

                    Nanomed Module
                    Drones you have are affected by Guardian Hearts, HP increases (Bitter Root, Infusion), HP regeneration increases (Eggs, Vials), and Healing (Fruits, Repair Drones, Mushrooms)
                    1x, 1.5x, 2x, ect.
                    Just a guardian heart+health+regen buff for drones. 10%, 20%, 30%, ect.
                    Drone vampirism. +3 hp per connected attacks (+4,+5,+6 OR +5,+7,+9)

                    Plumber's Boots
                    Enable jumps off of enemies, requiring timing to combo. This activates headstompers upon landing on an enemy. Stacks increase jump height and/or headstomper damage.

                    Heart of Battle
                    On use reduce health to "critical levels" (25-35%) and provide a 100% damage bonus and 50% attack speed bonus for 10-15 seconds.

                    These try to address those feels of getting mass energy cells or headstompers (because in coop games I tell people not to count those as items received) and issues with drone survivability.

                    New Drones: Shield Drone and Immovable Object

                    Shield Drone: Same tier as Healing Drone
                    Takes damage before you or your drones, short lived little bugger.
                    Optional: Only shields player from ranged attacks.

                    Immovable Object: Same tier as Medical Drones (the super healing ones)
                    Provides Unit Collision (Enemies can't walk through it/you) and takes damage before you or your drones. Was thinking it could be made out of Stone Golem tech or whatnot, be a big rock shield or something.
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                    • Chanthecat

                      Chanthecat Tentacle Wrangler

                      Acrid's Tooth [Tier 1 passive]

                      Every 4 shots (or random chance) poisons enemies. Idk how much damage :down:
                      • Chanthecat

                        Chanthecat Tentacle Wrangler

                        I like the nanomed module, seeing as drones die so easily it's a great idea.
                        • Matanui3

                          Matanui3 Phantasmal Quasar

                          Defibrillator Pads (Use Item)
                          Brings back a fallen comrade at half health (you must be standing over their body for this to work), or yourself if used while dead (which consumes the item).
                          Perhaps wouldn't spawn in single player (or would be a weaker Dio's Friend)
                          • Reciful

                            Reciful Orbital Explorer

                            I really wish people would stop making items that rely completely on other items to function. What's the point of picking up an item that improves stacking behavior of items when it's very possible that you don't have stacks of items? et cetera. Also items that come at a cost or expense (I'm looking at you, Philosopher's Stone) should have a reasonable cost versus gain balance. Upping difficulty for a chance of getting another Bustling Fungus is not worth it.

                            Now for suggestions. Considering the fact that the game is already released, I doubt any future suggestions will actually make it into the game, but I like to come up with mine anyways. Personally I like my Arrowsmasher one the most.
                            Octopus Ink [Tier 1]
                            Chance to blind enemies.
                            Blind does just what it sounds like - enemies can still move but deal no damage when attacking. I'm a little tentative on this one, seeing as there's enough crowd control effects in the game already.
                            More of these would increase the duration and chance up to an extent.

                            Necro Worm [Tier 2]
                            Turn enemies into ghosts.
                            Acts very similarly to the Toxic Worm, except it 1) deals little to no damage, 2) is purple and spins in the opposite direction, and 3) after a certain amount of time (2 seconds?) it will create a ghost of the monster the Worm is currently on, and then bounce to 2 (?) other enemies similar to the way Acrid's Epidemic works.
                            More of these lower the time for it to create a ghost and would increase the damage dealt.

                            Counter [Tier 2]
                            Damages the enemy that attacked you upon evasion.
                            This is like the counterpart of the Harvester's Scythe - it grants 5% evasion to ensure that the item is at least somewhat useful by itself, along with an effect that activates upon it.
                            More of these should increase the damage each proc.

                            Show of Defiance [Tier 2]
                            Gain damage resistance for every enemy nearby.
                            Damage resistance, attack speed, life on hit, whatever stat works. The point is that you gain some amount of stats up to a cap when in the midst of a lot of enemies.
                            More of these would increase stat gains, obviously.

                            Iron Fortress [Tier 2]
                            Taking damage has a chance to create a wall, blocking and damaging enemies.
                            By this, I mean like a literal spiked wall a few units high, like Ifrit's walls, only on a smaller scale and damaging enemies that come into contact. The only thing is that the player himself can travel through the walls while enemies can't, because if these blocked the player then it'd be ridiculous. There'd probably be a cap on the amount of walls possibly out, probably 3.
                            More of these would just increase the damage the walls deal.

                            Can't Touch This [Tier 3]
                            Gain attack speed and evasion when high health.
                            Gains 50% attack speed and 20% evasion when your health is over 95%. (Numbers are tentative, of course.)
                            Sounds pretty ridiculous.
                            More of these would increase the gains, not the minimum health.

                            Arrowsmasher [Tier 3]
                            Smash arrows, win game.
                            Occasionally, arrows (like the ones in Stepmania) will appear on the ground. Stepping on one (haha get it) will trigger a chain of arrows randomly appearing in a similar fashion around the area (and yes, arrows will point to the next one in the chain). During this chain, the player can step on each of the arrows to damage every enemy in the vicinity and grant the player gold/exp. Each subsequent arrow in the chain will appear farther away from the last, and will deal more damage and grant more rewards when stepping on it.
                            Think of it as a randomly generated obstacle course around the area. The longer you can follow the random spawns and smash the arrows, the more damage and gold/exp you get out of it, but you also have to go out of your way to avoid enemies. Ideally this would mean that the damage, gold and experience gains would be high enough to make stepping on the arrows actually worth it.
                            More of these would increase the damage dealt and gold/exp gain.

                            Curtain Fire [Tier 3]
                            Make it rain!
                            Fireballs (small ones, mind you) will randomly fall from the sky. They deal pretty minor amounts of damage but are constantly falling, and can appear anywhere on screen (I'd say about one every 4 seconds). Should it land on an enemy, it will promptly explode, dealing damage to enemies in a small area and setting the ground on fire under them.
                            More of these would just increase damage, both of the impact and fire.

                            Doubletime!! [Use Item]
                            Cooldown: ~50 seconds
                            Activate to double everything for 10 seconds.
                            For the next 10 or so seconds, you deal 1.5x damage, have 1.5x attack speed and movement speed, and gain 1.5x gold and experience. I know that's not double, but actually double would be ridiculous.
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                            • Vexille

                              Vexille Seal Broken

                              Valkyrie Drone[Drone]
                              Activation Cost: +++++
                              Health: ++++
                              Regen Rate: +++++
                              Damage: +++++
                              A type of missile drone instead shoots a single missile into the air similar to the engineer's harpoon homing in and striking an enemy dealing massive damage. After the initial detonation it releases 3 cluster bombs dealing moderate damage similar to the huntress's explosive shot. These drone's fire slower than the laser drone but can pick off lone enemy's with ease and wear down groups of enemy's with a moments notice. These drone's would be incredibly rare.

                              Blind Rage [Tier 3 Passive]
                              • Once the user has killed a certain amount of enemies within 4 seconds the user's attack speed and damage is boosted by 300% for 7 seconds. After the buff runs out it goes onto a cool down for about as long as the time keepers secret. (A small progress meter can be found on the side of the player showing how much until rage activates and then changes to showing how long until it wears off.)

                              Grand Aegis [Tier 2 Passive]
                              Grants the user 7 armor and a chance to block an enemy attack

                              Demon's Glare [Boss Drop Use] (Drop from Imp Overload)
                              Shoots the beam the Imp Overload fires but in a straight line. Piercing through and damaging enemies for heavy damage hitting each enemy in the beam 3 times , cooldown: 60s

                              Military Drone[Drone]
                              Activation cost: +++++
                              Health: +++++
                              Regen Rate: +++++
                              Damage: +++++

                              These drone's will be similar to the assault drone, in addition to double rapid fire guns, it would come with a heavy pistol shot that shoots slightly slower than basic drone's gun but does a little more damage. And a mortar that will shoot at the rate of the laser drone dealing some moderately heavy AoE. They will be sort of rare and cost a pocket-full to repair.
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                              • Beesqueezy

                                Beesqueezy Space Hobo

                                Shield Drone

                                A drone that gives a short immunity to the player when the player falls below 95% health.

                                • Drone has a one time use
                                • Drone lasts until it is used
                                • Drone cannot be resurrected
                                • Drone also boosts the defense and health of other drones
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                                • braydon

                                  braydon Phantasmal Quasar

                                  Pulse Drone[Drone]:
                                  Activation cost: ++++++++++
                                  Health: +++++
                                  Regen rate: +++++
                                  Damage: +++++
                                  Emits a small aoe pulse around the player, with high damage and 25% slow (stacking with other slows) However it's extremely expensive.

                                  Orbiter Drone[Drone]:
                                  Activation cost: +++++
                                  Health: +++++
                                  Regen rate: +++++
                                  Damage: +++++
                                  Orbits the player at a distance (about 75% of the enforcers shotty range away) dealing low damage and slight knockback to enemies it collides with. Extremely cheap and appear in groups. Orbit speed increases slightly as number of drones increases.

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                                  • Bob_boberson

                                    Bob_boberson Space Penguin Leader

                                    Bison Born
                                    (Do not do this at home kids!)

                                    All evade style movement now causes damage when phasing through enemies! 20% stacking it gives another 2% per stack to a max of 50% or so.

                                    Could also be a special Bison based boss drop sort of thing!
                                    • braydon

                                      braydon Phantasmal Quasar

                                      Discharge[Tier 2 Passive]:
                                      Hits all enemies on screen for 40% damage when you activate your fourth ability (v)

                                      Killer instincts[Tier 3 Passive]:

                                      Always crit against stunned enemies.

                                      Double vision[Tier 3 Passive]:
                                      When you crit, instantly fire off another shot at double speed. (The attack interval is 0 sec, and half the frames are removed from attack animation, speeding it up) This shot cannot crit. This item can cause you to shoot an ability twice, with no cool-down.

                                      Midas's hand[Gold Chest Exclusive Passive]: (gold chests need to have better items)
                                      Increases gold drops by 50% and gives you 3 gold per second.

                                      Golden wrench[Gold chest exclusive passive]:
                                      Reduces cost to repair drones by 40% and causes drones to spawn more commonly, and makes rare drones spawn more commonly.

                                      Item stash[Gold chest exclusive use item]:
                                      Drops one tier 1 item, one tier 2 item, one tier 3 item, and one active item on use. The item disapears on use
                                      • Doom-Slayer

                                        Doom-Slayer Star Wrangler

                                        Our Fragile Hero

                                        Cooldown: 80-120 seconds

                                        • The next enemy you kill instantly levels you up. For the next 60-80 seconds you have no health regeneration.

                                        For the icon, have a doll, and the overall flavor that its a comfort item for a solider etc.


                                        Our Fragile Hero

                                        Cooldown: 60-80

                                        • Drops a doll that provides extra experience and attack speed for 30 seconds. Stick close keep it safe
                                        Drops the doll, but it can be damaged and destroyed by enemies. If its destroyed you take a massive speed and health regeneration penalty for the next minute, and if you move too far away from the doll you loose all or part of your health regen and have reduced movement speed. The flavor is that your really attached to the doll and it makes you stronger, but only if you protect it and keep near it while its around.
                                        • TheEvilMouse

                                          TheEvilMouse Yeah, You!

                                          [Tier 2 Passive]
                                          Lucky Rabbit's Foot - Increased Critical Chance
                                          [Tier 3 Use Item]
                                          Lucky Rabbit - 100%, or very high, critical chance rate for _ seconds.

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