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New Drone/Item Suggestion Thread

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Seria-Myouna, May 7, 2013.

  1. Burby

    Burby Phantasmal Quasar

    That's what the lensmaker's glasses does though.
    • Epigene

      Epigene Space Hobo

      Standard Passive: Nicotine Patch
      -Order Description: Promotes a sense of wellbeing over time, increasing attack speed the longer the survivor has the patch on him/her.
      -Order Details: I know you are trying to quit, Hon, and with your stressful job, I though you could use something to help you along. Just give it a try and let it work its magic.

      Maxes out at 25% (10% more max than Soldier's Syringe) increase at 28 minute possession. Additional stacks increase max increase by 7%?
      Time in possession of the Patch is fed into the formula:
      The result (which follows a modified root graph) is multiplied with the maximum attack speed increase as a coefficient to get the actual increase.

      Priority Passive: Pacemaker
      -Order Description: Gives a jolt when the going gets tough, increases movespeed by 1% for every 17% health missing.
      -Order Details: Found this thing on a corpse back in the slums. Don't ask. You mentioned your gramps could use one so I figured, what the heck. I know, I'm all heart.

      Maxes out at five stacks with 5% movespeed increase, same as Burning Witness, but works in tight spots only, so is situational and grants no offensive bonuses, so I feel it is balanced.
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      • TunnelratARC88

        TunnelratARC88 Void-Bound Voyager

        Estimated Delivery: 8/30/2036
        Sent to:
        Middle of nowhere, Pluto

        Shipping Details:_____

        - Order: Mask of infamy

        - Order description: On every kill there is 10% chance to create a Light Wisp, 100% On bosses.

        - Shipping Method: High Priority/fragile

        - Order Details: Well... I got this thing a mounth ago, And in that time it started 30 fires, killed 7 of my actors, and ruind my theatre, I hate it.
        So i'm sending it to you, You should make sure it's locked up Forever.

        Ps. Warning to you shipping workers, Don't under any circomstances Put the mask on you're face, Also if you see even one of these [​IMG] Abandon ship.

        A Light Wisp lasts till it is killed, A Light Wisp will attack all other mobs Including other types of Wisps, If there are no other enemies onscreen they will attack the player.

        A Light Wisp's stats Are supposed to be equal to a Greater Wisp's stats. with the size, "look" and attack of the standerd Wisp.
        Side note, The attack is supposed to have twice the range of the standerd Wisp.

        Ps. If this is too simler to another item then please inform me.

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        • Bob_boberson

          Bob_boberson Space Penguin Leader

          Folder of Pictures

          On use this item makes all enemies attacks effect each other for a short time, the damage they deal to other enemies would be 70% of what they would do to player (not counting armor and such)

          Cool down 60 seconds, effect lasts 10, doubling effect of embryo makes them all do 170% damage to each other for the 10 seconds.

          "What are you part of his fan club?"

          "No, that would be your MOTHER"

          Just kind of always wanted something that would make the enemies hit each other, no aggro involved though!
          • Dolphinflavored

            Dolphinflavored Star Wrangler

            I was thinking maybe droids could have a small chance to malfunction when purchased, attacking you. when defeated, they could drop 80% of the gold you spent on it. Or 50% just for the irony.
            Maybe medical droids could do the same thing they always do, except their healing beam would hurt you...?
            Idk. Anyway!

            Lemurian Pathogen (Active; Passive)
            It has some unexpected side effects...
            Turns you into a lemurian for 6 seconds, making you 65% faster, with only 80% of your current health.

            If your character has less than 80%, his/her health regenerates
            -Tail whip: Knockback all enemies 4 character lengths near you, for 8 character lengths-No damage-Rendering you immobile and invulnerable for 1 second
            -Bite: Gnash closeby enemies for 50% damage, and stun them for 1 second.

            This item adds speed, and knockback power-along with a little damage-while taking away max health for 6 seconds. It is useful in tight spots, and can be used to spread out enemies with it's tail whip.
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            • Lucky_Mole

              Lucky_Mole Big Damn Hero

              A white - common item that when picked up lets you see the item list in the pool and cross out one useless item. That item never shows in that run. ;) Picking again the same item lets you cross out another useless one haha. :D The most needed item IMO because the item pool will grow and getting what you want is going to get increasingly difficult.
              Edit: If you have items that you later cross out those turn into random new ones of the same tier as the one you don't want or item stand/s are created with a question mark that let you buy one or several completly random ones.
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              • BrainHorse

                BrainHorse Poptop Tamer

                Pinata (tier 2 passive)
                enemies give 15% more experience (+15% per additional pinata)

                Fine China (tier 2 passive)
                whenever you take damage 2% chance to double your current money (+2%chance per additional fine china)

                Earthworm Mental Suppressant (tier 3 passive)
                leave a constant trail of chemicals that slow enemies to 50% speed (getting 2 makes them immobile)

                Self-help Video (tier 3 passive)
                Upgrade your primary attack (upgrades z attack)
                • Failbird105

                  Failbird105 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  [Tier 1 passive] Sharp stick in the eye
                  every shot has a 15% chance to shoot a stick that upon hitting an enemy causes it to bleed and wildly attack anything including other enemies
                  • Dolphinflavored

                    Dolphinflavored Star Wrangler

                    Golden Telescope (tier 2 passive)
                    Tells how many unopened chests are left.

                    Rusty Padlock (Active)
                    Slows all enemies on screen 99% for 8 seconds. (Enemies still attack.)

                    Using phone-no color or font.
                    • Olteonz

                      Olteonz Master Chief

                      Glass cannon (Tier 3 passive)
                      Deal 250% more damage but your health is reduced by 75%.

                      Eyepatch (Tier 3 passive)
                      Whenever you deal damage you deal 10% more damage, have a 5% miss chance, move 3% faster, and regenerate 3 health/s lasting 2.5 seconds. stacks up to 10 times.

                      Ancient sword (Active)
                      Use : Shoots out a sword. The first enemy hit will enter a duel with you. While in a duel all your attacks penetrate but only deal damage to the dueled mob, you are also immune to all damage except the mob you dueled. Increases your damage by 25% and increases damage recieved by 125%. (The screen is greyed out except you and the mob you dueled).
                      CD : 60 seconds.

                      Bag of Sweets (Active)
                      Use: restores 20 health CD : 4.5 seconds

                      The Map (Tier 2 passive)
                      Points you to the nearest unopened chest.

                      Telescope (Tier 1 passive)
                      Increases vision (the camera goes further from you character).

                      Painkillers(Tier 1 passive)
                      Reduces all damage taken by 5.

                      I can do this all day :)
                      • Valerie Valens

                        Valerie Valens Void-Bound Voyager

                        Stasis Drone [Drone]
                        Activation Cost : +++++
                        Health : +++++
                        Regen : +++++
                        Effect : +++++
                        • A drone that fires a stasis beam at nearby enemies, slowing them down. The effect is not instant, as it would take time exposed to the beam depending on each mob's size for the effect to take hold. Once in stasis, the enemy will be slowed down by 20% for 30 seconds.
                        Bio Force Drone [Drone]
                        Activation Cost : +++++++
                        Health : +++++
                        Regen : +++++
                        Effect : +++++
                        • A ridiculously expensive drone, (Think of having to farm the entire stage for funds, and having to pass up on a few chests in order to be able to afford it. Where a Tier 3 drone would cost $1000, this one would cost $2500) but a very powerful one. Every 30 seconds, it shoots out a massive green ball of plasma death that constantly explodes for a starting value of 400% every second, increasing the radius a little and damage by 40% with each subsequent explosion until at 10 seconds, it explodes for 1440% damage. The projectile fired starts off slow, but slows down even more with every passing second, until it halts at 10 seconds. Has a 5% chance of spawning in any given stage, IF drones spawn at all. (Based on the Doom BFG9000 weapon.)
                        The Wildcard [Active]
                        Cooldown : 60s
                        • When activated, this item will mimic the effects of a previously unlocked active item, chosen at random.
                        The Chaos Engine [Active]
                        Cooldown : 60s
                        • When activated, this item has a 50% chance to mimic the effects of a locked active item, chosen at random. If less than 2 locked actives are found, or if the 50% chance of mimicking failed, then it will mutate ALL of the passives in the player's inventory into another passive item, chosen at random.
                        Synergistic Device [Tier 2 Passive]
                        • Gives drone attacks a 2.5% chance of counting as a player ability. (Useful when used in conjunction with proc items.)
                        Distortion Field Generator [Tier 3 Passive]
                        • Acts like barbed wire with a few key differences. It has a 1.5% chance of turning enemies on themselves, and the field grows larger as a function of how low the player health gets and how many stacks of these they find. When players die with this item on, they will implode spectacularly, causing a massive explosion of 666 + (10 x number of items in inventory at time of death) % damage with a radius as big as the range of the Greater Wisp. This implosive outburst is capable of harming both other players and enemies. In addition to that, it leaves behind a shadow being with the exact same stats, abilities and items of the fallen player that chases other players relentlessly. (Spawns only in co-op, serves as a "Your death will get us killed!" sort of item.)
                        Crucifix [Tier 4 Passive]
                        • Assuming that the player has no items that increase or amplify the natural regeneration rate, this item cuts down all of the player's natural regen rate to 0 plus 10% more. When the player dies, the item will break and the player will revive at the teleporter site. To unlock this, players must beat the game in co-op in Monsoon difficulty without using Drones. This item will only spawn in co-op mode.
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                        • Dolphinflavored

                          Dolphinflavored Star Wrangler

                          "How to be a fast learner" by [REDACTED] (Active)
                          Every hit grants experience for 15 seconds

                          "I read your book and, I'm happy to say, that it's phenomenal! I can easily pick up on any subject I want usually in about 10 minutes. Now if you'll excuse me I have to sit down-my head's hurting pretty bad."
                          • Stachejr

                            Stachejr Space Hobo

                            The Oh shit button...

                            Heals,bumps up speed,and jump length after 25 % health point is reached.
                            • NovaPixel

                              NovaPixel Void-Bound Voyager

                              Malfunctoning Backpack [Active item]
                              45 seconds cooldown

                              On use: Jump as high as when using a jump-pad by creating a glowing-meteor-size explosion at your feet, dealing 350% damage to your enemies. No self-damge, apart from fall damage.

                              Rocketjumps, yeah.
                              • Decahexahedron

                                Decahexahedron Yeah, You!

                                Sugary Candy Bar-[Active]
                                cooldown: 40-45 seconds
                                Increase move speed and attack speed for 10ish seconds, then slow move speed for 3ish seconds afterward.
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                                • Decahexahedron

                                  Decahexahedron Yeah, You!

                                  I don't really want to reply to a really old post, but I have a great idea for it! It could increase regen or damage based on difficulty.
                                  • Phosorious

                                    Phosorious Lucky Number 13

                                    Old Templar's Fist
                                    Having a 4% chance to activate on hit, create a bubble of light that lasts 4 seconds dealing 4% of your damage per second while also healing for 4% of your damage while inside the bubble.
                                    Behemoth's Regret
                                    When hit, you have a .5% chance to gain a shield for .5% of max health that'll absorb, depletes rapidly. Stacks upon itself infinitely.
                                    Rogue Meteor Magnet
                                    After activation, a Meteor will fall from the sky. After 2 seconds it will fall from the sky, dealing massive damage to anyone and everyone at the epicenter. A shadow will overcast the impact radius.
                                    • AdenSword

                                      AdenSword Pangalactic Porcupine

                                      Gotta love how you have a great item idea and forget to write it down and forget what it even was......
                                      • Heatdvoid

                                        Heatdvoid Aquatic Astronaut

                                        Champion's Crown [Use Item]
                                        Cooldown: 60 Sec.
                                        Effect: All Elite enemies currently alive gain 50% Armor but are guaranteed to drop an item, effect stacks with 56 Leaf Clover.

                                        Mythical Scale [Tier 3 Item]
                                        Effect: +25% Armor for 4 seconds upon taking 20% or more of your max health's worth of damage
                                        Stacking: +25% Armor, +2 Sec. Duration
                                        Visual Effect: A Scale (Lizard, not weighing) appears above the players head

                                        Spectral Essence [Tier 3 Item]
                                        Effect: Increases attack range by 30% (Meant for Melee Characters)
                                        Stacking: +20% Attack Range
                                        Visual Effect: Character gives off bluish sparks

                                        Mirror Chip [Tier 3 Item]
                                        Effect: +10% Chance for your attack to have double the effect (like when the Broken Mirror is active, stacks with Broken Mirror), Multi-hit skills have a chance per hit for it to activate
                                        Stacking: +10% Chance, Caps at 50%
                                        Visual Effect: None
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                                        • geekofalltrades

                                          geekofalltrades Phantasmal Quasar

                                          Drone Upgrade Kit (Use Item)
                                          Order Description: Upgrade a Drone in your possession or an ally's possession to an Attack Drone. Affects the oldest Drone in your possession, or, if you have no Drones, the oldest Drone among your allies.
                                          Cooldown: 120s
                                          Sent To: Nostromo, Druidic Asteroid Belt
                                          Shipping Method: Standard
                                          Order Details: GUARANTEED:
                                          * Retrofit consumer defense drones with military-grade anti-grav propulsion!
                                          * Recycle common propeller components into rapid-action firing switch - COMPLETELY LEGAL!
                                          * Molded Allo-Plastic casing provides the protection of military-grade alloy armor at a FRACTION of the cost!
                                          * Retroinversion of ancillary gyroscopic servoplug for maximized rotational velocidensity!
                                          OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

                                          Metal Detector (Tier 2 Passive)
                                          Order Description: Gain a pointer to the nearest item, chest, or shrine, in that order of priority, in the form of an indicator arrow that hugs the edge of the screen.
                                          Stacking: Gain an additional pointer.
                                          Sent To: PO Box 14, Newer York, Earth
                                          Shipping Method: Economy
                                          Order Details: -54.049773, -37.556828

                                          Scavenger's Spatula (Use Item)
                                          (Dropped by the Scavenger.)
                                          Order Details: Fire an electric orb, shocking all enemies in a straight line.
                                          Cooldown: 20s
                                          Sent To: Attn: Alan Harbol, Neo DC, 20301, Earth
                                          Shipping Method: Military
                                          Order Details: Managed to prise one of these out of the hands of the carcass of one of the local scavenger races. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot to it: it looks basically like a spatula. Ruined the morning fry-up, though. Hash browns tasted like tin. Maybe you boys can figure out how a gadget this simple is capable of energy weapons tech that's been eluding our species for decades.

                                          Adrenaline Shot (Use Item)
                                          Order Description: For 10 seconds, your critical chance is set to 50%, and all items in your possession which have a chance to proc on hit gain a 50% chance to proc on a critical hit.
                                          Cooldown: 80s
                                          Sent To: Phillip Haswell, 727 Flint Pl, Mars
                                          Shipping Method: Standard
                                          Order Details: Take some of these out to the archery range with you; they're UNREAL. Apparently it's an epinephrine-like substance produced by the bacteria-analogues in Pluto's subterranean oceans. Shoot one up and you can see water evaporating. Just make sure you only take one at a time, and keep them nice and spaced out; Mark popped three in ten minutes and swore to us all afterwards that he was trapped in limbo for six days.

                                          Homeopathic Remedy (Tier 1 Passive)
                                          Order Description: Cooldown timers are reduced by 20% (of original cooldown time) when you enter a teleporter.
                                          Stacking: Adds additional 20% reduction. At 5 stacked, all cooldowns are reset upon entering a teleporter.
                                          Sent To: Flower Wilson, Neo California
                                          Shipping Method: Standard
                                          Order Details: Alternative medicine experts have long touted the ability of water to remember, but never have any tapped into water's latent ability to FORGET - until now! With the very first sip, you'll begin to feel your body forget the aches and pains of the day! These statements not evaluated by the FDA.

                                          Chrono Battery (Tier 3 Passive)
                                          Order Description: When no cooldowns on skills are active, seconds begin pooling (up to four). When a skill is next used, its cooldown is reduced by as many seconds as are in the pool, and those seconds are removed from the pool.
                                          Stacking: Add capacity for an additional second to the pool.
                                          Sent To: Dr. [REDACTED] Hu, [REDACTED]
                                          Shipping Method: Rush, Classified
                                          Order Details: I'm sorry it took so long for me to get this shipped - all kinds of red tape to go through when you're moving around this level of tech. But hey, maybe if you activate it, it'll have arrived yesterday! ...actually, please don't try that.
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