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    First of all, I am sorry if my English is not very good, I am Spanish speaking and English is a bit bad xd...

    Recently, by that I mean a few seconds ago, I was playing stardew. I'm already in my fourth year of play and my character is happily married to Sebastian.

    With the new update and enough materials, I decided to build one of those new fish ponds, so I went to the mountain to ask Robin to do it. I arrived at 2pm and a new event was activated that I had never seen (and apparently not on the wiki, so I was a little surprised). According to me (and apparently) the relationship with Sebastian must be strengthened to 14 hearts, it must be a rainy day and you must go to the mountain.

    The event is that Sebastian feels sorry for a little frog that has hurt one of his legs, so he asks you to help him capture it. In doing so you get 4 questions.

    (I'll add a capture when I know how u, w, u, for now here is the translation of the 4 choices)

    The options are:

    -What should we do with her?
    -It's our new son ...
    -I don't think it survives
    - Let's take care of her until she recovers!

    I only select the second and last option (I only repeated the game to know what else I could answer)

    With the second question he answers that you may be right and that the frog has your nose :), with the last one he replies that you are right but that it is better not to become fond of her. However you answer in the end, he decides that it is better to take her home.

    I decided to go home after losing the fish pond. Anyone know how this event develops after? I have some intrigue and I don't know what else could happen next.

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      It is one of the new 14 hearts events with your spouse/husband, honestly compared to others I felt this event very lackustering, it would be better if it was a regular event instead of an exclusive one.
      The event ends as it follows:
      You will have a new frog aquarium on your house

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